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Things You Can’t Do in Your Will

You may think that you can do anything you want in your will, but that’s not true, and it may just be one reason you want to hire a Sacramento lawyer for wills. Your will can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be, but it is important to know what you can and can’t do in your will. A lawyer for wills in Sacramento at the Yee Law Group, P.C. may be able to help you determine the things to include in your will when you call 916-927-9001.

Certain Property Can’t Be Left in a Will

Your Sacramento lawyer for wills may encourage you to make a list of all of your property and assets to specify what should be done with them when you pass away. This is important to do, but it’s also important for you know that your will can’t deal with all of your property.

Generally, your will can’t leave:

  • Property you and another person own together
  • Property that’s in a living trust
  • Life insurance proceeds that already has a specified beneficiary
  • Money in a pension or retirement plan or account that has a specified beneficiary
  • Property that has a transfer-on-death form
  • Money in a payable-on-death bank account

Establish Certain Conditions

You can’t leave property or money to someone in your will that’s contingent on certain conditions. A Sacramento lawyer for wills may advise you further on this situation, but in most cases, you can’t specify that someone must change religion, marry, or divorce in order to receive what you want to leave them.

You may, however, specify that a certain amount of money can go to a family member if and when they graduate high school or college. Keep in mind that specifying conditions means that someone else has to enforce your wishes.

Include Your Pets

You may want to include your pets in the will, but unless you are specifying who should take care of them, you may be disappointed. Pets can’t legally own property, which means that you can’t leave property to them in your will. To get around this, you should leave your pet to someone you trust will take good care of them and leave that person money to take care of any pet-related needs.

Depending on the state you live, you may be able to set up a trust for your pet, and if you’re interested in this option, you may want to consult a Sacramento lawyer for wills.

Avoid Probate

If your estate needs to go through probate, it may, even if you try to specify otherwise in the will. You may want to be aware of how probate works and let your loved ones know that there is nothing you (or they) can do about it when the time comes.

Now that you know what you can’t do in your will, why not focus on the things that you can do to make things easier for your family after you pass away? Call a Sacramento lawyer for wills at the Yee Law Group at 916-927-9001 today.