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If you’ve been named a trustee of someone’s estate, the various forms, deadlines, accountings, and other obligations that go along with estate administration can be overwhelming. You have legal duties and obligations to administer the trust according to its terms, comply with formalities, and otherwise satisfy responsibilities you may not even be aware you have. Trustees are personally responsible and often liable for their actions (or their failures to act) as trustees. Your job can be made even more difficult if the trust contains errors due to bad drafting or if it was constructed as a one-size-fits-all document. Under those circumstances, it may be necessary to go to court for instructions or to have the trust revised.

Given all of that, and given the myriad other responsibilities you have in your busy life, a steady, experienced hand to assist you can bring you invaluable peace of mind.

At Yee Law Group, PC, we have extensive experience counseling clients through the nuances of trust administration.Whether the estate is large or small, we welcome the opportunity to help you make sure you are protected as you carry out your trustee responsibilities.

We handle all matters related to estate, trust, and probate administration, including:

  • Gathering and settling final debts
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Coordinating with pension plans and insurers to pay out benefits
  • Selling and transferring real estate
  • Working with funeral homes to ensure bills are paid
  • Preparing state and federal tax returns
  • Medicare subrogation
  • Administration of veterans’ benefits
  • Preparation of accounts
  • Attendance at court hearings
  • Proving the authenticity of the will or trust
  • Interpreting the language and requirements of the will or trust
  • Assembling and collecting the assets of the estate and prepare an inventory
  • Paying debts and reviewing claims against the estate
  • Contesting claims against the estate if appropriate
  • Properly distributing assets to heirs
  • Preparing and filing the final accounting
  • Evaluating and facilitating investment options, standards of distribution, and titling of assets

We work with individuals and families to identify goals, evaluate options, and plot the most efficient strategy for their unique situation. We ensure that the necessary papers are prepared, served, filed, and recorded, and we work with accountants, financial consultants, brokers, tax experts, and other appropriate professionals to ensure that all required reports and tax filings are handled thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Yee Law Group, PC: Sacramento/Roseville Estate & Trust Administration Law Firm

When clients come to Yee Law Group, PC for help with estate and trust administration, we take a personalized, thorough, and meticulous approach that can relieve the burdens and anxiety that can accompany the responsibilities involved in being a trustee. If you have questions or require assistance with estate or trust administration, we can provide responsive, accessible, and plain-spoken counsel.