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courthouse If you’ve decided that it’s time to write up a will, you may be considering the assistance of a will lawyer Roseville CA has to offer. Drafting a last will and testament can be a good idea for protecting your family and your property if anything should happen to you. As an experienced will lawyer Roseville CA respects might attest, it can be a wise decision to draft a will even if you are in good health. At Yee Law Group, PC, PC, we are here to help and want to start by answering a few common questions you may have about drafting a will:

What can be accomplished through a will?

A will is often used for the transferring of property ownership and the naming of guardians for minors if the original owner/guardian passes. When an individual drafts a will, he/she can specify the following items:

  • Naming individuals or organizations that will receive ownership of property
  • Naming a personal guardian to care for any minor children
  • Naming an individual to manage property that will be transferred to minor children upon reaching a certain age
  • Naming an executor, i.e., an individual who is trusted with carrying out the terms of your will
  • Instructing how to pay off any remaining debts
  • Instructing care for pets

Who should write a will?

Anyone can write up a will to ensure that their property is transferred to the correct people, as a seasoned will lawyer Roseville CA might explain. Regardless of your current health or current financial standing, a will can be very useful because accidents could happen at any time.

You might be particularly interested in creating a will if you receive a large sum of money or you own any valuable property. It can also be a wise decision for parents to create a will upon the birth of any new children. Not only can the parent(s) name individual(s) tasked with caring for their children, but they can also specify how their wealth will be transferred to the children.

What happens when you don’t have a will?

If an individual passes away without having written a will with the help of an experienced will lawyer in Roseville CA, there are certain protocols in place intended to pass along the individual’s property and wealth as smoothly as possible. In California, as in most states, the individual’s property would be distributed to the closest remaining relatives. This often means that an individual’s property is passed along to his/her spouse, children, or sisters and brothers.

Is a will legally binding?

When a will is written correctly, it is legally binding. An individual who is writing their own will must have two individuals present when signing the document. Some states also require or advise that an individual should also have a notary present to prove identification.

Many individuals decide that they want to have a lawyer draft up their will, and this is often a wise decision in cases where an individual has a lot of assets or has complex instructions for passing along property. A skilled Roseville CA will lawyer can ensure that a will is legally binding.

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