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Sacramento Living Trust LawyerCreating a Valid Will

Outlining your will can be an easy task to repeatedly avoid, which is why you should consider enlisting the help of a Sacramento living trust lawyer. Many people believe that sitting down to decide how one’s assets should be divided after their death is too emotional and depressing. It can feel like an overwhelming burden. The truth is that by not having a will in place, your beneficiaries will be faced with a number of complications and challenges after you pass away. Don’t leave your loved ones without a will in place. Enlist the help of a respected living trust lawyer in Sacramento, California from Yee Law Group, P.C.

People are often overcome with emotion after a loved one passes away. When there are no clear instructions about what the deceased wanted in terms of burial and asset distribution, it can split families apart. Our legal team at Yee Law Group, P.C. has more than forty years of combined experience in helping our clients with estate planning. A Sacramento living trust lawyer from our legal team can simplify the process of completing or updating your will so that you can move on to enjoying your life with those you love.

The Role of Your Sacramento Living Trust Lawyer

Your Sacramento living trust lawyer can draw up all of the documentation needed for your will. As part of the process, you will list all of your debts and assets. Examples of your debts would include credit card debt, mortgages, car loans, etc. Your assets will include anything that is considered valuable to you and your loved ones. If your will does not define who stands to inherit these things, you risk familial discord after you pass away. Examples of assets may include family heirlooms, jewelry, artwork, retirement accounts, insurance policies, property, and investments. You will also specify who will inherit your assets. Your Sacramento living trust lawyer can help make sure that you have not left anything out of your will. They will also make sure that your will is completed and valid by ensuring the following:

  • Your will is signed and dated.
  • There are two witnesses when the will is signed.
  • You are of legal age to create a will.
  • That you did not draw up the will under duress.
  • That you are mentally capable of making decisions on your own.

Our role is to ensure that you have all your bases covered when completing your will. You will want to make sure that you don’t leave any key pieces of information out and that the document you create with your attorney is valid. Allow for Yee Law Group, P.C. to provide you with the experience you require to ensure that all of the proper procedures are followed and accounted for.

Call us today at 916-927-9001 so that a member of our legal team can review the details of your particular situation. We will be able to set up a time for you to meet with a living trust lawyer Sacramento families trust so that you can begin the process.

Sacramento Living Trust Lawyer

An experienced Sacramento living trust lawyer may help you set up a living trust for your loved ones. Depending on your financial situation, a living trust could be more beneficial than a will. At the Yee Law Group, P.C., we have helped many clients in the past determine if a living trust is right for them.

Here are some of the benefits of having a living trust:

  1. A Living Trust May Help You Save Money

A living trust can be much more complex than a will, so a living trust lawyer in Sacramento, CA may charge you more money to draft one. However, a living trust may help you save more money with your estate in the long run. This is because the distribution of your assets doesn’t have to go through a probate process at the time of your death. The costs of probate court could be been taken out of your estate if you don’t have a living trust.

  1. A Living Trust Helps You Avoid the Probate Process

If you drafted a will, your assets may have to go through a probate process before they are distributed to your loved ones. The process could take months or even years. If you have a Sacramento living trust lawyer create a trust for your assets, you might skip the entire probate process. Your family members may be able to receive your assets in just weeks.

  1. A Living Trust is Confidential

If you are a private person, you may appreciate the confidentiality a living trust provides. Unlike a will, a living trust won’t become public. With a living trust, your estate may be distributed privately to your beneficiaries upon your passing.

  1. A Living Trust May Protect Against Court Challenges

It is considerably more difficult to challenge a trust than a will. If a person tried to contest your trust after your death, he or she would have to prove that you were mentally incompetent when you made the trust, or that the trust document is flawed in some way.

  1. A Living Trust May Protect Your Assets Against Creditors

If you have a Sacramento living trust lawyer draft up a living trust, creditors likely won’t have legal grounds to seize your assets to take care of unpaid debts. This is because the assets in your living trust legally belong to the trust, and not to you.




Why a Living Trust Might be Right for You

Determining if you need a living trust can be easy when you have the help of a living trust lawyer. When it comes to estate planning, it is usually something that is much lower on everyone’s list. No one wants to think about where their things are going to go when they die. However, a living trust is one important tool you can have and we are happy to help you determine if it is right for you. Our team understands that there are many different tools in the larger estate planning toolshed, so understanding what a living trust is and what it can do for you and your loved ones can help make the decision easier. If you would like to schedule a consultation with our team, give our office a call. 

Does a living trust benefit me at all?

We completely understand: you have accrued assets during your lifetime and want to know if your living trust benefits only other people or if it can benefit you as well. As it turns out, a living trust does both! Unlike a will, you do not only name other people as beneficiaries or heirs. With a living trust, you are in control of everything during your lifetime when you name yourself as the “grantor.” When you pass away, then everything you named in your trust can go to the people you chose as beneficiaries.

How does one create a living trust?

When it comes to the legal aspects, we know that you may want a small amount of direction or you may want to work closely with our team to make sure every detail is in your document. There are a few basic steps when it comes to creating a living trust:

  • Inventory all of your assets. If you want it in your trust, you need to make sure you inventory it. How much money do you have? Where do you want your antique collection of horse statues to go? Determine what you have and who you want to give it to when you pass away. 
  • Choose someone to help. If you are incapacitated or when you die, you will want to make sure you have someone you can fully rely on handling your trust, the trustee. Your living trust is exactly where you want to name this person and they can ensure that the wishes in your trust are respected and play out as you want them to. 

What do I need to set up a living trust? 

As an experienced Sacramento living trust lawyer clients depend on can tell you, you will need several things to set up a living trust. You will need assets to put into it. There are some types of assets that need to be re-titled in order to place them inside the trust. You also need to ensure that your trust can be funded properly at any given time, so you must make sure the appropriate assets are re-titled if necessary. You can reach out to a living trust lawyer if you have any questions about additional requirements, or if you need assistance putting certain assets in your trust. 

Can I change a living trust after creating one? 

There are revocable and irrevocable living trusts. Living trusts are revocable because they can be modified or amended without having to obtain permission from beneficiaries. The terms and conditions of a living trust can be changed at any time during your life. A revocable living trust is highly flexible and convenient because you get to keep control of all of your assets that you decide to put in the living trust. This is helpful if there are sudden and unexpected life changes or events that may demand a change to a living trust, such as the death of a beneficiary.

Will a living trust help me avoid probate?

Many people choose to set up a living trust for their assets because it allows them to avoid probate. The probate process can be a complicated and drawn-out process, and it makes it difficult for beneficiaries to immediately obtain their assets. While probate has its pros and cons, it is much more of a disadvantage for an estate to go through probate. As a Sacramento living trust lawyer can explain, not having to go through probate can save a lot of time and streamlines the asset transfer process. Probate is also an expensive process, so having a living trust can significantly reduce the amount of estate taxes you need to pay. 

What can I put in a living trust?

Assets that you can put in a living trust include bank accounts, real estate, stock accounts, shares, insurance policies, non-retirement assets, and tangible personal property. Make sure that your assets are properly re-titled so that they can be put in the living trust, which means that you are changing the ownership of an asset. Keep in mind that there are certain assets that you should avoid putting in a living trust, which include retirement assets, offshore assets, and cash. You can learn more about the reasons for whether or not you should put assets in a living trust by talking with an experienced lawyer. 

Do I need a lawyer to create a living trust? 

For people who have large estates, hiring a lawyer may be helpful to set up a living trust properly. With so many assets to evaluate and organize, it helps to have a lawyer who is highly familiar with the process and the relevant estate planning laws that concern it. There is a lot of paperwork involved, and it can be overwhelming to go through each of your legal and financial records alone. A lawyer will ensure that everything is done accurately. For more information about how a Sacramento living trust lawyer can assist you, schedule a consultation as soon a possible.  

Hiring a Living Trust Lawyer

If you have decided to create a living trust, it may be in your best interest to work with an experienced Sacramento living trust lawyer. He or she may make sure that the legal document is drafted correctly and free of errors.

During your first meeting with a living trust lawyer, be prepared to answer several different questions, such as how many dependent children you have and who you want to appoint as trustee.

A living trust comes with many benefits and can ease the stress on your family members. Do not wait to hire a lawyer to help you set up this trust. If you are looking for a Sacramento trust lawyer, contact Yee Law Group, P.C. at 916-599-7297.

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