Probate Lawyer Sacramento CA

Probate Lawyer Sacramento CAAfter the death of a loved one, many families find that they need to search for a probate lawyer Sacramento CA residents trust. There are several reasons why it may be necessary to go through probate court — and there are also several small ways that your family might be able to avoid doing so.

At Yee Law Group, we know that the processes involved in probate court can be very overwhelming. It’s our mission to help families get through this difficult time with as few hiccups as possible. When you need a respected probate lawyer Sacramento CA has to offer, we’re proud to be a local source for trusted legal counsel.

What is probate?

Probate is the process of authenticating a deceased individual’s will through the court. The overarching goal of probate is to make sure that the deceased’s estate is passed on to the rightful heirs while making sure that any remaining debts as settled. Unfortunately, as a seasoned probate lawyer in Sacramento CA might attest, the process is rarely simple. Even a small estate could warrant a lengthy probate process, particularly if an individual’s will is contested or if there was no will at all.

Important Steps in Probate

There are several facets of probate court. If you are facing probate, you might have to address all of these issues or you might only have to address a few. Additionally, it’s important to note that probate legislation varies depending on state and municipal regulations.

Some common steps in probate include:

  • Having a judge authenticate a will and determine that it is valid
  • Identifying and locating the decedent’s assets
  • Identifying and alerting creditors of the individual’s death
  • Paying off any remaining debts
  • Filing tax returns
  • Distributing the decedent’s estate to heirs

If you have any specific questions about what you can accomplish in your own regional probate court, it is advisable to speak with a local probate lawyer Sacramento CA can provide.

Is Probate Avoidable?

Because the probate process is so lengthy and time-consuming, many elderly individuals want to get their affairs in order for their family members. One of the simplest ways to help family members avoid probate court is to create a living trust. A living trust allows you to move your assets out of a probate estate and into a trust. This trust can be easily managed by any trustee that you name.

Another way to help family members avoid probate is to create joint ownership of property. This may be a viable option for certain assets, such as real estate. Some individuals choose to name a younger relative or trusted friend as the joint owner; this second owner would automatically receive full ownership of the asset when the original owner passes.

Contact a Probate Lawyer Sacramento CA Families Rely On

If you are interested in speaking with a Sacramento probate lawyer about the probate process — or about how to avoid it, Yee Law Group would be happy to schedule a consultation with you or your family.

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