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Trust Attorney Roseville CAIf you want to put a plan in place to ensure an organized distribution of your assets in the event of your death, you should have an experienced trust attorney Roseville CA offers to guide you through the process. Yee Law Group, PC is well-versed in standard trust planning as well as those which could be considered complex or out-of-the-ordinary. Using our knowledge and skill we can develop a plan that meets your objectives in a clear manner.

A Roseville trust attorney offers several advantages that are not available through the sole drawing-up of a will. When you’re ready to protect your assets and estates, consider having Yee Law Group, PC on your side. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Take Control of Your Monetary and Physical Assets

Deciding what will happen to your assets, wealth, and possessions when you die or become incapacitated could be a difficult process. However, if you fail to do so, you risk having a court divide your total property as it sees fit after you pass. Rather than leaving these important personal decisions to the law, it’s advisable to get legal assistance. A trust attorney Roseville CA relies on can guide you through all steps of the process. Some services a trust attorney may provide include:

Living Trust Planning and Creation: Also called a revocable trust, a living trust is a legal document which places all of your assets into a trust for your benefit. Upon your death or incapacitation, the assets will be transferred to your designated beneficiaries of your choosing, also known as successor trustees. In general, if you have over $1 million in assets, you should have a trust attorney Roseville CA respects to help you with the planning and execution of this document.

Asset Protection: Most people are not aware of the importance of asset protection, especially when a large estate is a factor. A trust attorney in Roseville CA may help to protect your wealth and personal assets from a wide spectrum of legal structures including civil litigation, divorce, taxation, and bankruptcy. Learn how Yee Law Group, PC may protect you and your family by calling us today.

Probate: If you’re experiencing a feud over a will, a trust attorney Roseville CA depends on may assist in defending your right to any legal distribution and keeping potential aggressors in check. By having an attorney on your side, you may be able to speed up the process and ensure your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Trust Administration: After the loss of a loved one you may have questions or concerns about a trust, will, or being a beneficiary. Oftentimes, there may be confusing paperwork and a lot of signatures to give. By working alongside a trust attorney Roseville CA residents can count on, a detailed, accurate roadmap may be developed to smoothen the procedure and let you focus on the grieving process.

Why You Need a Trust Attorney Roseville CA Respects

A trust attorney Roseville CA families rely on will be there for you to help you plan out some of the most important legal documents. Although there are software programs and downloadable forms that allow you to create a trust on your own, they are very basic. Should you choose to take this route you could risk causing future problems for your beneficiaries. One word in the wrong place could allow a court to misinterpret your wishes. It might also leave a legal loophole for arguments between beneficiaries to ensue. The reality is that even if you are sure about creating your own trust, you should at the minimum have a trust attorney in Roseville CA review it to ensure it is legally binding in the very way you wish it to be. If you are considering a Roseville trust attorney, please read over the following to get a better understanding of why you should opt for their professional guidance:

  • An attorney can help to identify what issues might impact your estate and what needs to be included to address and protect your interests;
  • A trust attorney Roseville CA offers can discuss and consider the marital deduction rule;
  • A last will and testament can be drafted for the distribution of your assets; and
  • A guardian can be appointed to someone who is a minor or incapacitated.

A living will, using a power of attorney, can also be created. This can ensure you have control over any future medical expenses and decisions made on your behalf should you become incapacitated. This could happen in a car accident, after a stroke, or other illness that you develop.

There are different types of trusts and not all will be appropriate for your situation. For example, you may need a special needs trust that protects a disabled child. This is very important and can ensure his or her government benefits are not at risk; furthermore, it can protect a child from squandering their inheritance. A trust attorney Roseville CA has to offer can explain the different options and let you know what is best suited to your needs.

The last thing you likely want is to be partially responsible for problems and disagreements in your family after you have passed away. The stress, anger, and confusion that often arises in tense situations because of a lack of having a proper trust can be avoided. Regardless of how simple or complex your estate might be, trust administration is very important.

Is Having a Trust Necessary?

Planning what happens to your possessions, money, real estate, and assets after you are gone is something that is often put off. Either it’s too confusing, time-consuming, or just thinking about it makes you uncomfortable. Do you need a will? Do you need a trust if you have a will? Do you have to have both? Do you need to hire a Roseville CA trust attorney to create these document? Is it expensive?

Everyone should have a will. It clears up any questions about which family members get what possessions. If you are married, in most states, including California, everything you have, such as real estate, investments, money in bank accounts, will all pass to the surviving spouse or whoever is named as a beneficiary. If you purchased a home with your spouse, it is likely titled jointly with right of survivorship, meaning if one of the named persons on the title passes away, ownership automatically falls to the surviving spouse.  All this seems pretty straight-forward. Is a trust necessary? Maybe, maybe not.

Living Trust Advantages

One advantage to a living trust is that you can select an alternate beneficiary to inherit your assets in the event the beneficiary listed on your accounts passes away ahead of you. You cannot do that for property held in a joint tenancy with right of survivorship or payable upon death bank accounts.

As a trust attorney in Roseville CA can explain, living trusts will also permit you to transfer assets without going through the probate process. If your assets all have legal beneficiaries and you do not want to list an alternative beneficiary, you probably would not benefit from a living trust.

A living trust is most advantageous for wealthier people with large estates or for someone who believes they will be deceased within the next decade or so. When trying to decide whether or not to have a living trust, take into consideration the following:

Your Current Age

The idea of having a living trust to avoid probate is that the probate system has been evolving and changing a lot in the last decade to the extent that it is becoming rarer and rarer to have to even use the probate process to distribute assets. That is because investment accounts, insurance policies, and bank accounts all require you to name a beneficiary or a person to whom the account is payable upon the owner’s death, thus eliminating the need for the assets to pass through probate before being distributed. There are also other reasons why a family would want to avoid probate and a trust attorney can provide you with those details.

A living trust is of no benefit to you while you are alive, and with the probate process changing, having a legal will is a sufficient means of distributing your belongings to those you love should you unexpectedly die.

Your Wealth

If you are worth a lot of money and all the wealth cannot be transferred without going through probate, you probably want to create a trust — be it a living or irrevocable trust. If you own a business or have other assets that you do not want to be held up in probate, a trust may be the right path for you to take to protect your wealth. Your Roseville CA trust attorney can evaluate your particular situation and determine which type of trust is best for your family.

The Benefits of Yee Law Group, PC

Yee Law Group, PC is the kind of trust attorney Roseville CA families count on for dependable legal counsel. We have built a strong reputation and continue to work hard to maintain it. Some reasons clients turn to us for advice and services include:

  • We maintain constant communication;
  • We are honest and transparent;
  • We offer our services in different languages;
  • We value our clients;
  • We provide emotional support to anyone who may need it; and
  • We can arrange to meet you if you are unable to come to us.

If you would like to know more about Yee Law Group, PC, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call for a free consultation.

Scheduling a Consultation with Yee Law Group, PC

Regardless of what you may need for your trust planning, creation, or execution, Yee Law Group, PC could make sure your wishes are carried out to their fullest. For a free consultation with a trust attorney Roseville CA families trust, please call 916-927-9001 today.

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