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Real Estate Lawyer Sacramento CAWhen you’re facing complex real estate litigation, it may be a smart choice to consult with a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA provides. Yee Law Group Inc. has been offering California business and legal advice for decades. Considered to be leaders in their field, the lawyers at Yee Law Group Inc. are committed to delivering efficient, personalized services for all of our clients’ real estate needs. If you’d like to speak with a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA today, please call 916-927-9001.

Almost any real estate transaction can benefit from the insight of an experienced lawyer. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, having a lawyer who can walk you through the process is strongly recommended. Don’t wait to get help from someone who can help you avoid costly mistakes. A knowledgeable attorney from the Yee Law Group Inc. will make every effort to ensure your real estate transaction process is not only cost-efficient but also painless.


4 Things To Ask When Buying a House

Buying a house can be a great investment but can leave you with lots of regrets if you overlook something important or do not ask the right questions when deciding which house to purchase. If you are especially unsure about what to ask or have complicated questions, you can always contact a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA, such as the ones at Yee Law Group. Here are four basic things to ask when buying a house.

1. How Much Are Utilities?

Most people go into buying a house knowing what their monthly mortgage payments will be. However, it is equally important to be aware of how much you will be on the hook for each month in terms of utility bills. Average utility costs depend on a number of factors, including the size of the house, the local climate, and the area where you are moving. Make sure to call the utility company to get an estimate of what your water, electric, and gas bills will be.

2. Is There an HOA?

If you are purchasing a house in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, it is important to know what their rules, regulations, and fees are. You should also find out if services such as snow removal and grass mowing are included in the HOA fee. If you are having a difficult time figuring out what an HOA’s rules are, a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA, can help you sort through the association’s documents. 

3. When Will I Need To Replace Appliances?

Depending on the age of the house you are looking at, it might be necessary to inquire about the age and repair of kitchen appliances, as well as the heating and air conditioning systems. It might be possible to negotiate the asking price of a house down if you think you will need to replace major appliances within the next year or so. A real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA, can help you negotiate with the seller of the house. 

4. Is The Area Safe?

While this might not be something to ask your realtor, it is wise to ask around the neighborhood about things such as recent break-ins and other crimes in the area. It is your call to make whether or not you will feel safe in any given location. 

If you are having difficulties buying a house after asking these four questions, consider seeking the advice of someone at a real estate law company such as Yee Law Group.

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When You Use a Sacramento Real Estate Lawyer

Regardless of what your real estate legality concerns may be, it’s wise to retain a specialized lawyer who understands relevant federal legislation as well as local and state laws. Yee Law Group Inc. has acquired a reputation for successfully addressing the challenges faced by investors, operators, managers, and owners of residential and commercial properties.

By working with a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA respects, you can be assured that your questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely manner. It is this approach that makes Yee Law Group Inc. a preferred law firm for those in need of real estate legal services including:

  • Real estate owners
  • Investors
  • Capital providers
  • Developers
  • Lenders
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • + More

What Can Go Wrong When Buying Real Estate

Buying a new home can be a very exciting experience and moment for many individuals, families or couples. It can be a time of renewal and joy. However, with a real estate purchase or transaction there may be road bumps. It can quickly become stressful and a mistake can be made when put under pressure by a real estate representative. By hiring a real estate lawyer serving Sacramento, CA at Yee Law Group Inc., we can help you make the right home choice that is best for you. If anything does not feel quite right with your real estate agent or property of interest, hold back until you can seek legal representation.

Below we have covered a few problems that can arise when in the process of buying a new home. For any additional information, we are happy to speak with you!

#1 Inflexibility

Sometimes, a seller is inflexible or has very unrealistic expectations about how much they should sell their property for. When a real estate agent shows the seller the range of their property value, they may change their mind about selling price. If the home has great sentimental value, the seller may want way above a reasonable price. A real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA can tell you that this can become a huge roadblock for a potential buyer, who has the finances to purchase the home for the realistic price, but not the seller’s asking price.

#2 Indecision

A seller may not truly have their heart and mind made up to sell their property. They may simply be putting feelers out to see how much people are willing to spend. This can cause great frustration for people who are interested in a home and have taken the time to submit appropriate paperwork or take a tour. Then, they only come to find out the seller decides to not sell after all.

#3 Paperwork

In order to purchase property, the real estate transaction can include piles of paperwork. Any minor error or oversight by the real estate agent can completely ruin the deal, which it why it is important to work with a seasoned Sacramento, CA real estate lawyer. An inexperienced real estate agent may not get enough details about the property and give the potential buyer incorrect information.

#4 Unknown Property Issues or Damages

It can be discouraging for a potential buyer to be almost through the process of purchasing real estate, only to find out the home inspection fails. A real estate agent can help prevent this from happening to you by doing a pre-inspection and hiring a reliable contractor to fix any issues before the final signature.

#5 Buyers Remorse

Take the time to really think about the purchase decision and do not rush the process. Your real estate agent may put pressure on you to buy property before other potential buyers, but it would be worse to have regrets down the line by moving too quickly.

A real estate lawyer for Sacramento, CA at Yee Law Group Inc. can help you during the process of buying a home or property. We have your best interests in mind and want every client to be happy with their choice of home. We offer a free consultation with a trusted real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA for new clients, so do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us by calling Yee Law Group Inc. today!

Real Estate Services Offered

For these clients, a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA trusts may assist with nearly all facets of real estate, including:

  • Purchase and sale
  • Loan negotiation and documentation
  • Land use, permitting, and entitlements
  • Identify, evaluate, and resolve environmental issues
  • Commercial development projects
  • Foreign and domestic commercial lending
  • Easement and boundary dispute resolution
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring
  • Leasing and lease administration
  • Portfolio management
  • Entity formation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Resolve title issues
  • + More

Identifying a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA trusts to manage a broad range of real estate legal concerns is extremely important whether yourself the buyer or the seller.

5 Questions To Ask When Searching For A Real Estate Property Lawyer

The Real Estate Transaction Process

Buying or selling any property can be complicated and frustrating, and most individuals and businesses find that it is much easier to navigate the legal process with the help of a Sacramento real estate lawyer. Paperwork can be time intensive and confusing to complete and having someone who is familiar with the process to guide you through can be invaluable.

Many parts of the real estate sale or purchase process occur quickly, including:

  • Hiring and managing an inspector
  • Identifying and negotiating the responsibility for repairs
  • Performing and inspecting repairs
  • Ensuring that all paperwork is completed properly

A real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA from Yee Law Group Inc. can greatly reduce the stress associated with the various processes and work hard to help complete the purchase or sale.

Issues with Brokerage Houses

One of the biggest reasons to retain an experienced lawyer is to avoid problems with your real estate transaction. One common issue is that a seller signs a brokerage agreement that does not appropriately deal with all legal concerns. While a realtor might use a standard form, you should always have your Sacramento real estate lawyer review this information to ensure that all circumstances have been fully addressed. A lawyer can help avoid mistakes as it relates to:

  • A seller unknowingly agreeing to become liable for brokerage commissions even if there is no sale.
  • Problems with multiple listings for the same property.
  • Issues that arise after a property is withdrawn from the market.

Stakeholders across the real estate industry can benefit from the legal advice provided by a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA residents turn to during their greatest need for assistance. Almost all aspects of real estate transactions can be managed by an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer.

Why You Need a Lawyer To Resolve Boundary or Easement Disputes

There could be any number of reasons you are dealing with a boundary or easement dispute. Sometimes you purchase a new property and discover that there was already an established disagreement about a property line between the previous owner and your current neighbor. Other times you may have had an agreement with your neighbor but someone new moved in and now there are issues with what was a simple easement agreement before. If you are struggling to find a resolution it may be time to find a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA to help you resolve the issues. Yee Law Group can help you resolve a boundary dispute through the following steps.

Officially Contacting Your Neighbor 

The first thing your real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA will likely do is send an official letter on their legal letterhead notifying them of the boundary dispute or easement agreement. Sending such a letter makes it clear to the other party that you mean business and have acquired legal representation. Depending on the situation, this small action alone might be enough to resolve the dispute and come to an agreement between all involved.

Formally Negotiate

If an official legal letter doesn’t do the trick, then Yee Law Group can step in to formally negotiate with your neighbor. In general, a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA will be best suited to try and negotiate the situation. You need the legal expertise to navigate the specific California real estate laws. They can work with you to make sure you are getting all your needs met in any new boundary or easement agreements. If negotiations aren’t going well, your attorney can also threaten to file a lawsuit to enforce the existing easement agreement or boundary.

File a Lawsuit

Lastly, if a complete resolution cannot be found, your real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA can file and represent you through the course of a formal lawsuit. Some might think that you can easily file this paperwork yourself, but you really need the help of an experienced professional. Yee Law Group can make sure that you and your property rights are fully protected. 

Hiring a trusted attorney is your best option to resolve any boundary or easement disputes. Their services can also be utilized if you are considering purchasing a property that has an easement agreement. An attorney can make sure you understand any and all easement agreements and that there are no surprises after you close on the property.

Common Issues of California Real Estate Transactions

Many different types of property sales can benefit from the experience that a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA trusts can provide. Some of the more complicated aspects of any real estate transactions include:

  • Financing
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disability Act
  • Environmental, land use, and zoning issues
  • Labor concerns
  • Financing
  • Corporate and tax issues
  • Litigation
  • Distressed assets

These complex issues warrant insight from an experienced real estate lawyer.

A real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA residents can trust can represent clients in the purchase and sale of assets as well as loans, including non-performing and performing portfolios. Identifying an experienced attorney who understands these complicated issues is extremely important no matter where you find yourself in the real estate process. The attorneys hired by any party in a real estate transaction should have a strong background both within the local area and with the type of law being practiced.

Consulting with a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA residents have turned to for years for real estate assistance is extremely beneficial should you find yourself in need of advice from an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

What a Real Estate Lawyer Can Do for You

You are likely very familiar with what a realtor can be hired for, but perhaps you’re wondering what a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA from a firm like the Yee Law Group can do for you. If you are buying a home, selling one or planning to transfer property in another type of circumstance, a real estate lawyer can be of great value to you.

Prepare and Review Legal Documents

Your real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA is typically tasked with preparing and reviewing all documents associated with the sale or purchase of real property. This may include the title deed to the home, any other land records that come with the property, any documents pertaining to the buyer’s new mortgage and any other paperwork associated with the closing of the sale. Your Yee Law Group attorney may prepare all of the above documents from scratch, or they may just be hired to make sure that the documents are entirely legal as dictated by the state of California. They may perform a title search and submit a title opinion, for instance.

In fact, the state of California requires a licensed real estate attorney to be involved in some aspect of every home sale or other transfer of property.
Oversea the Closing

Your real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA can be indispensable to you and all other parties involved in the closing on the property. Real estate attorneys from the Yee Law Group attend closings either virtually or in person, and they ensure that the entire transaction is completed legally and thoroughly. They review and sign off on all of the documents one last time, and they give all parties involved the go-ahead to do the same. Some real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA are also notary publics. They can notarize any necessary closing documents. This cuts down on the cost of hiring a separate notary public.

Review Inspection Report

In some cases, a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA may review your home inspectors’ report to ensure that the house you are either buying or selling is properly up to code. If there are legal discrepancies in the inspector’s report, the attorney can pinpoint those for you and help you leverage them as points of negotiation for the sale. Of course, if you are the seller, your Yee Law Group attorney may advise you to fix any issues with your home that are not up to code and therefore make it unfair and even illegal to sell your property as is.

Get Results with a Real Estate Lawyer in Sacramento, CA

Working with an experienced law firm could protect what may be your biggest endeavor or investment. Whether you’re selling or purchasing a property, taking out a loan, or signing a lease, a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA residents count on can review and prepare any necessary documents to protect your interests.No matter how straightforward your legal concerns may seem, Yee Law Group Inc. can advocate and guide you through the real estate process from start to finish. We understand how real estate has the potential to build wealth and improve the overall community, and we remain committed to its preservation and development.

Scheduling a Complimentary Consultation with Yee Law Group Inc.

The legalities encompassing real estate matters can be complex and confusing. Without the assistance of a lawyer to help you navigate the legal process, you may find yourself entangled in a number of costly setbacks and obstacles. Yee Law Group Inc. can listen to your concerns during a free consultation and let you know what your options may be. To schedule your appointment with a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA has to offer, please call today!

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