Sacramento Trust Lawyer

The Importance of Making a Trust

When you’re ready to make a trust, contact the Yee Law Group for a Sacramento trust lawyer who is happy to work with you. Our legal team has helped many Sacramento area residents who recognize the importance of making a trust.

A Sacramento trust lawyer can help you create a trust that reflects your needs and wants for what happens to your assets after you pass. Our legal staff understands the peace of mind gained from setting up a legally binding trust. If you have questions about this process or would like to make an appointment with one of our trust lawyers, contact our office today for an appointment. The following guidelines and information may be helpful to you in the meantime.

Avoid Probate with a Trust

Probate is a legal process that involves the court and transfers the ownership of your assets after your passing. The process can be time-consuming and expensive for your heirs. A common way of avoiding probate is to place one’s property into a trust. A Sacramento trust lawyer can review with you all of the advantages and disadvantages of a trust. Here are the common reasons why many people choose to have a trust:

  • Irrevocable and revocable trusts can avoid probate.
  • Putting one’s property into a trust can prevent it from going through probate.
  • Having a trust in place allows your survivors to avoid the expense of going through probate.
  • Everyone’s situation is different, so talk to a Sacramento trust lawyer from the Yee Law Group to find out if a trust is the right solution for you.

Trusts Offer Privacy

If you would like to protect your privacy and your family’s privacy regarding your estate after your passing, a trust can do this for you. If privacy is important to you, be sure to share this with your trust lawyer in Sacramento. While the probate process is public, trust property remains private. Your designated trustee and the trust’s beneficiaries may be the only ones who can have access to information about your estate.

Control Your Assets After Your Death

When you bequeath your assets to beneficiaries through a will, they may receive those assets immediately after you pass on. By using a trust, the beneficiaries can receive your assets over a period of time. This can be useful if you want your beneficiaries to first reach a certain age or milestones in their life. Your designated trustee can manage and control your assets until they distribute them to the beneficiaries. Speak to a Sacramento trust lawyer to learn more about the various kinds of trusts available to choose from:

  • Minor’s trusts
  • Spendthrift trusts
  • Special needs trusts

A Trust Lawyer Can Help You

For many people, determining what happens to their property after they pass is very important to them. To make sure that your wishes are legally binding, it’s important to have a legal representative file the necessary paperwork. Call us today at the Yee Law Group to speak with a Sacramento trust lawyer.