Probate Lawyer Roseville CA

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When a Probate Lawyer in Roseville CA Might Be Necessary

If you have read and reviewed conventional legal advice for executors, the first thing you might read is that you should have a lawyer. As you begin the process, this might become more apparent as you realize the complexities of probate court and the state laws. That said, not all executors are required to have a lawyer for court proceedings, but it can help. In general, if the estate is not too large or does not have unusual or excessive assets, you might get by without legal counsel. It still won’t hurt to speak with a probate lawyer Roseville CA trusts for guidance.

Gauging the Need for a Lawyer

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, you may want to have a probate lawyer Roseville CA provides.

Does the estate qualify for your state’s simple “small estate” procedures?

In general the best kind of estate is one that does not require probate. If this is not an option, you can check to see whether or not your state has procedures for a small estate. If so, the probate might be out of court and only require a sworn statement to the party holding the assets. If you are not sure, you can call a probate lawyer Roseville CA has to offer.

Are family members getting along?

Its uncommon for family members to contest a will, but it can happen. If anyone is threatening a claim over the estate, it’s advisable to talk to a Roseville probate lawyer as soon as possible. These kinds of lawsuits can be financially and emotionally draining — so the sooner a lawyer might help to avoid a drawn out battle, the better it will be for everyone.

When probate is necessary, is your state’s probate process simple?

Every state’s probate process is different. Some areas have adopted the Uniform Probate Code which usually results in minimal court supervision. State without this code might have a more complicated probate process.

Does the estate contain common assets only; such as bank accounts, vehicles, and a house?

When estates include businesses, commercial real estate, large sums of money, or other special assets, you should consult with a lawyer. If the estate has large debts, tax problems, or other expenses, a lawyer can be useful as well.

Are there any taxes owed?

Some estates are too small to owe state or federal taxes. In general, most estates will not have to worry about federal tax, but there is a chance of owing state taxes. This holds especially true when the estate is worth at least $1 million. You will most certainly want to get advice from a probate lawyer Roseville CA residents count on for this matter.

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