Sacramento Living Trust Lawyer

An experienced Sacramento living trust lawyer may help you set up a living trust for your loved ones. Depending on your financial situation, a living trust could be more beneficial than a will. At the Yee Law Group, PC, we have helped many clients in the past determine if a living trust is right for them.

Here are some of the benefits of having a living trust:

  1. A Living Trust May Help You Save Money

A living trust can be much more complex than a will, so a living trust lawyer in Sacramento, CA may charge you more money to draft one. However, a living trust may help you save more money with your estate in the long run. This is because the distribution of your assets doesn’t have to go through a probate process at the time of your death. The costs of probate court could be been taken out of your estate if you don’t have a living trust.

  1. A Living Trust Helps You Avoid the Probate Process

If you drafted a will, your assets may have to go through a probate process before they are distributed to your loved ones. The process could take months or even years. If you have a Sacramento living trust lawyer create a trust for your assets, you might skip the entire probate process. Your family members may be able to receive your assets in just weeks.

  1. A Living Trust is Confidential

If you are a private person, you may appreciate the confidentiality a living trust provides. Unlike a will, a living trust won’t become public. With a living trust, your estate may be distributed privately to your beneficiaries upon your passing.

  1. A Living Trust May Protect Against Court Challenges

It is considerably more difficult to challenge a trust than a will. If a person tried to contest your trust after your death, he or she would have to prove that you were mentally incompetent when you made the trust, or that the trust document is flawed in some way.

  1. A Living Trust May Protect Your Assets Against Creditors

If you have a Sacramento living trust lawyer draft up a living trust, creditors likely won’t have legal grounds to seize your assets to take care of unpaid debts. This is because the assets in your living trust legally belong to the trust, and not to you.

Hiring a Living Trust Lawyer

If you have decided to create a living trust, it may be in your best interest to work with an experienced Sacramento living trust lawyer. He or she may make sure that the legal document is drafted correctly and free of errors.

During your first meeting with a living trust lawyer, be prepared to answer several different questions, such as how many dependent children you have and who you want to appoint as trustee.

A living trust comes with many benefits and can ease stress on your family members. Do not wait to hire a lawyer to help you set up this trust. If you are looking for a Sacramento living trust lawyer, contact Yee Law Group, PC at 916-599-7297.