3 Reasons Why Every Parent Needs A Will

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If you have children, it is imperative that you write a will.  If you don’t, and pass away without a will, state law will decide what happens to your property and who will take care of your children.  Having a will already in place to protect your kids and property will ease your mind should anything happen, but in case you need more of a push, here are 4 reasons to create a will when you have children:

1. You get to decide who takes care of your kids after you pass, instead of the state.
Would you want to leave it up to strangers to decide who will raise your children once you’re gone?  This is what will happen if you don’t leave a will designating a guardian.  Although the courts will try to do what’s best for your children, you won’t get a chance to weigh-in your opinion unless through a will.  It’s not an easy choice to make, but it is incredibly important for the wellbeing of your child.
2. You decide who will look after your child’s finances and manage your property.
You can name the same person as their personal guardian, or you can choose someone different.  This may be important if you think one person would be a better parent, but another has a greater hold on finances and management.
3. You can determine who gets what.
Whether you want your property split between your children evenly or not, this one is crucial.  There may be some things that seem easy to split, but others such as cars, furniture, or jewelry, you will want to decide who specifically gets what.  You can also decide to leave someone nothing, and that must be stated, otherwise they may be able to claim a portion of your estate.

While creating a will may seem like you’re accepting something bad may happen to you, it’s much smarter to be proactive and ready, and leave your family with a plan of your best intentions.  You may want to speak to an experienced wills lawyer Sacramento CA respects to review your options and set up a will or trust today.