4 Questions You Might Have Following an Accident

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When you’re injured in an accident, you probably have a lot of questions. Getting the answers to these questions can help you determine whether to accept an insurance claim, move ahead with a lawsuit, or both. The following are four common questions you’ll probably want answers to.

  1. Which Insurance Company Do I File My Claim With?

The insurance company you file your claim with will be determined by who caused your accident. If you were in an accident you caused yourself, you could file a claim with your own insurance company. If someone else caused your injuries, you would file a claim with the other party’s insurance provider. In a car accident, when the at-fault individual doesn’t carry insurance, you can use your own uninsured motorist coverage.

  1. How Does an Insurance Claim Affect My Insurance Coverage?

In the case you don’t hold any fault in the accident, your insurance coverage wouldn’t be affected at all. The insurance claim would be filed with the other individual’s provider, and his or her premiums would probably go up, but that wouldn’t make a difference for your insurance situation. This is why a thorough investigation is essential. If the other party can somehow twist the facts to show you carried a portion of fault, your insurance premiums would be affected. If your own investigation proves the facts were twisted, you should be fine.

  1. How Soon After the Accident Should I File a Claim?

Most insurance companies ask that you at least report the accident within 30 days, though there are some that do not require that. Beyond reporting the accident and letting the insurance company know you intend to file a claim, you might have years before you have to file the claim. In most cases, it’s best to get it filed as soon as possible so other things don’t get in the way to muddy up the case.

  1. Do I Need a Lawyer If I Don’t Plan to Sue?

Yes. A lawyer can help you through the insurance claims process as well. Your lawyer can also help you understand whether the insurance provider’s offer is actually fair. If it’s not, he or she can negotiate with the insurer.

Contacting Your Lawyer for More Answers

After being injured in an accident, you’ll probably have lots of questions. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand how the insurance claims process works and when it would be appropriate to file a lawsuit. Contact a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray, today to get answers.