Crowdfunding to Launch Your Small Business: The Basics

You need a lot of things to launch your small business, not the least of which is capital. Back in the day (before 2012), publicly soliciting investors for your small business would involve adhering to complex and often burdensome federal securities regulations. But the rise of “crowdfunding” and “peer-to-peer lending” as a means of providing entrepreneurs with access to capital led to the enactment of the 2012 JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act which lifted the long-standing ban on the “general solicitation” of accredited investors. Continue reading “Crowdfunding to Launch Your Small Business: The Basics”

This Way Out: Buy/Sell Agreements and You.

When business owners and entrepreneurs launch their companies, they are typically focused on laying the right foundation and positioning themselves for growth, and understandably so. What often falls by the wayside are exit strategies. If the owners do not have a definite and clear idea about when they will end their involvement with the business, they risk never having/living the life they have always wanted and could have had. Continue reading “This Way Out: Buy/Sell Agreements and You.”

Pet Trusts: Making Sure Your Four-Legged Family Members Are Provided For

When comedian Joan Rivers passed away last fall, many people noticed that she had made providing for her two beloved rescue dogs a part of her estate plan. As her goddaughter noted, “She loved her dogs dearly, and they meant so much to her … dogs have become accepted as such essential family members that providing for them well in life, and after death, is considered quite normal.” Continue reading “Pet Trusts: Making Sure Your Four-Legged Family Members Are Provided For”

Litigation May Not Be the Most Constructive Way to Resolve a Construction Dispute

Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, property owner, design professional, or another party involved in a significant construction project, the prospect of costly and lengthy litigation is unappealing. Of course, the very nature of construction lends itself to any number of potential disputes between multiple parties, and when conflict arises, it is usually in everyone’s interest to attempt to resolve the dispute as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. That is why many construction disputes are resolved, or are sought to be resolved, using alternative dispute resolution (ADR), primarily mediation and arbitration. Continue reading “Litigation May Not Be the Most Constructive Way to Resolve a Construction Dispute”

Tax Lawyer or Accountant: What’s the Difference?

More Then Crunching Numbers and Filing Returns

When it comes to seeking professional assistance with filing tax returns or dealing with tax-related issues, it is understandable that many individuals and businesses would reach out to an accountant for help. Those same folks may also wonder why they would need or want a tax attorney in lieu of or in addition to their accountant, especially when they think doing so will cost them more money. Continue reading “Tax Lawyer or Accountant: What’s the Difference?”

Our New Folsom Location

As working adults begin to enter the next stage of their lives, finding an estate planning lawyer becomes a very important step. These professionals can help prepare a plan that details what happens to an estate – meaning the collection of everything a person owns, though this doesn’t necessarily mean owning real estate or having a large savings account – in the case of injury or death. Things to be considered include a living will, trusts, and determining who inherits property after a person dies. Continue reading “Our New Folsom Location”