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Business Contracts Lawyer Sacramento CA When forming a business, many tasks may not require the help of a business contracts lawyer Sacramento CA companies respect; but to comply with more complex requirements, a company may benefit from the help of an attorney. The legal firm of Yee Law Group Inc., PC is thoroughly familiar with the process of establishing a new company. Our service wants to help you navigate the oftentimes complex path to creating a legal business entity. To help you determine when it’s advantageous to hire an experienced legal team like that at Yee Law Group Inc., PC, we offer the following information.

When It Pays to Hire a Business Contracts Lawyer in Sacramento CA

  1. Contract reviews

    Though a small business owner may be able to draw up a basic written contract using a software application or online resources, it is often beneficial to have a business contracts lawyer in Sacramento CA that businesses turn to for assistance. An experienced lawyer could review your contract to be certain the language is specific enough to protect your business.

  2. Choosing and establishing a business structure

    A business contracts lawyer Sacramento CA provides may be able to work with you to determine the business structure that best suits your needs. This may be any of the following:

    • Sole proprietorship. This is for a one-owner business.
    • General partnership. When more than one person will own the business.
    • Corporation. A business run by a group of people who are recognized as one entity.
    • Limited liability company. This is a private company that is taxed similarly to a partnership or sole proprietorship but offers the owners limited liability.
    • Limited liability partnership. Some or all of the company’s partners have limited liability and one partner is not liable for another partner’s negligence.
    • Limited partnership. Some of the business’ partners will be fully liable, but others will not be.
    • Nonprofit corporation. For charities and other not-for-profit companies.
  3. Drawing up stock business contracts

    Depending on the kind of business your company will conduct, you may use a variety of contracts on a regular basis. A business contracts lawyer Sacramento CA companies use reliably may draw these up for you with all of the variations that your company needs. For instance, these may be contracts for the following:

    • Contract agreement for clients to perform specified work for them.
    • Employee agreement between your company and new hires.
    • Lease, purchase, or rent agreements with landlords or for the sale or purchase of property.
    • Third-party agreements for services, trade, products, purchases, etc. A Sacramento CA business contracts lawyer may draw up written agreements for your company to enter into business with advertisers, a marketing company, resellers, wholesalers, or any other firm or individual with whom you’ll be working with.
  4. Trademark protection

    This may include your business’ name, slogans, branding, labels, and logo. A business contracts lawyer Sacramento CA companies rely on could help register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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