California’s Probate System May Change Soon

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California’s Probate System May Change Soon

Probate May Be Overhauled in California Soon

The month of September may see a change in the probate system in California. Many people in the past few years have begun to start to contemplate how probate and probate conservatorships work. After many questionable examples of conduct in both conservatorships and in probate have occurred so have the calls for change. Assembly Bill 1663 is the bill that has now passed through both California State Houses and the Legislature as of September 1st, 2022. Governor Newsom is expected to make his decision about the bill prior to the end of September according to the East Bay Times. This bill is supposed to help make it tougher to have conservatorships approved. Some people have gone through some difficult times under conservatorships where their rights have been violated. The bill seeks to make it harder for conservatorship approval and is seeking to make it easier to cancel one. 

Issues With Probate

The probate process within itself can be something that a family could spend years fighting through. For example, when someone passes away without a will, their estate may go through probate for years where assets are proven and verified. Those assets must then be passed on to rightful heirs. When someone passes away with a will the probate process is generally quicker. The court will verify the will and ensure that someone is trusted to pass on assets to heirs.   

What is a Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is appointed by a judge. The judge appoints a professional, a family member, or someone trustworthy to the person to make decisions on that person’s behalf. These decisions may involve financial matters, health issues, and more. While some conservatorships are needed for certain individuals who no longer can make decisions on their own others may differ. As people age and life becomes more difficult for them they need people in their lives to sometimes act on their behalf and make coherent decisions. A trustworthy family member or very close friend may be called upon to make these decisions for someone. Assembly Bill 1663 wouldn’t see that help taken away but would seek to put stricter rulings in place to ensure those in need are getting help from someone who truly cares.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Whether it be issues like conservatorships, estate planning, livings wills, trusts, or other things related to probate a lawyer can help. Lawyers who work in the realm of probate and estate planning can make things much easier for individuals who are struggling to make decisions on their own. A probate lawyer Folsom, CA resident’s trust can go a long way to ensuring that everything related to probate and estate planning is taken care of. If you or someone you know is in need of help with probate then reach out to

Yee Law Group, P.C. today for assistance with these matters. Our law firm has helped many people navigate these complex circumstances and issues.