Five benefits to having a will

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Everyone should have a will, because will creation is essential for everybody. However, a legally binding last will and testament is not nearly as complicated to make as most people believe it to be, and working with the will lawyer in Sacramento CA such as the ones available at the Yee Law Group can help to ensure that everything is indeed legally binding and can make things run smoother.

A will ensures that everything in your estate is distributed according to your wishes, and if you do not have a will, you’ll have to have your family go to probate court after you die with the court to decide how your things are distributed.

Important reasons to make out a will

You have to like somebody to handle affairs after you die

This is just a fact. This person will need to be someone you trust and believe can be honest, as they will be the executor of your estate. This person does not need to be a member of your family, but the executor or executrix is responsible for inventorying your assets, ensuring a property’s inventory to make sure that any lingering debts and taxes are paid.

Your executive tour or executrix is going to be responsible for this dispersion of your assets and informing banks and creditors that you have died, and they are going to be responsible for guiding the family members in your estate through probate court. All assets are going to be officially dispersed through probate court no matter whether there is a will or not, however having a will in place is going to make probate court much simpler.

If you don’t have a legally binding will the state will decide who gets what and when

An oral well, which is a final request that is spoken aloud in front of witnesses, a holographic will which is a document drawn up by you without the presence of witnesses, is not going to have the same effect as a will that has a witness to it. The mentioned wills above are not legally binding. For a will to be formally prepared it must be signed by two or three witnesses, and usually there needs to be a lawyer involved to ensure that it is legally binding and legally sound. This is the best way to ensure that your money and assets are left in the years that you wish to leave them too, by hiring a will lawyer in Sacramento CA.

A will establishes legal guardianship of your children if they are minors

A will is going to have the guardians of your children, especially minors, in the event that you and your loved one died. If there is no will left the state will decide to get your child, and that may not be what you want because your child could wind up with somebody that you do not want them with.

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