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Folsom CA business contracts lawyerCalifornia is ripe with innovation, acquisition, and transaction. It is a good time and a great place to be  active in business, especially from developmental and new venture perspectives. When doing so, however, it is important to protect your own intellectual property and not infringe that of others, offer and accept the deals that are truly right for your endeavors, and take action to protect your business from unnecessary exposure to legal liability.

In accomplishing these ends, the long-established principles of contract law are a source of clarity and peace of mind. From real estate purchases to employment contracts to lease agreements to entity selection to non-disclosure and other privacy-related agreements, you can use the law to best position your business in the present and safeguard against risk and conflict in the future.

At Yee Law Group, we have more than 40 years of combined legal experience assisting business owners with all aspects of business law. If you are a business owner, contact our office to find out how a Folsom CA business contracts lawyer can help.

Important Agreement in Matters of Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial world is extremely competitive. Who generates the best ideas or ultimately comes to own and control them is a question that matters greatly. As such, it is important to protect the intellectual property that is your ideas – especially if your business concerns introducing a new innovation into the world.

If you have partners or employees, you need to be on the same page about confidentiality. Here, a well-written non-disclosure agreement, whether between partner and co-partner or employer and employee, is essential.  Non-disclosure agreements can also provide safety and peace of mind when pitching to potential investors or clients.

In addition to protecting a new venture’s intellectual property, you need to agree upon and commit to writing the ownership and management structure of your business. Such decisions fall within the domain of entity selection. You must choose the entity (e.g. an LLC) appropriate to your business needs and goals, specify in writing the division of ownership and control between partners, and file the requisite forms with the secretary of state.

Experience Drafting and Executing Business-Specific Legal Agreements

With your intellectual property protected and business entity selected, you are ready to hire employees, engage in commerce, and procure capital investments. For your business’s every legal need, rely on a well-established business law firm. An experienced Folsom CA business contracts lawyer will communicate clearly with you and ensure that your legal agreements allow your business to grow and thrive while minimizing risk and conflict.

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Handling Breach of Contracts with a Folsom, California Business Contracts Lawyer

When you have an agreement with another person or entity, and they fail to uphold their end of the deal, it can be incredibly troublesome. After you have put forth the energy to reach an agreement with someone, you may be under the misconception that all the hard work is done. In some cases, this may be far from true. When someone doesn’t uphold their contractual obligations, your business may be impacted. An experienced Folsom, CA business contracts lawyer at Yee Law Group can assist you in taking the proper steps towards reaching a resolution as quickly as possible. 

Why are contracts essential to businesses?

Contracts are an important part of owning a business, no matter how big or small. When you enter into business dealings with others, it’s important that you have the proper protections in place to ensure that you are fully protected. Contracts outline expectations of the exchange of goods and/or services for both parties. Having a written contract that outlines terms, provides you with a document that you and the other party can refer to. Additionally, should someone not uphold the terms of the contract, you may have the ability to take legal action with the assistance of a Folsom, CA business contracts lawyer. 

What is necessary in order for a contract to be valid? 

Making sure that a contract is valid is essential. Working with a Folsom, CA business contracts lawyer can assist business owners in putting together business contracts that are clearly outlined and valid. A contract should include: 

  • Both parties must be in agreement regarding the terms of the contract
  • Goods and/or services must be exchanged
  • There must be an offer, and acceptance of the contract

It’s not always necessary for contracts to be in writing, however, doing so can help to safeguard your interests within the contract.

What is a breach of contract?

A breach of contract occurs when someone doesn’t uphold their end of the agreement. When a person has not produced the goods and/or services they were contractually obligated to, they may be in breach of contract. Having a contract in place gives the other party the ability to take legal action should a breach of contract occur.

How can a Folsom, CA business contracts lawyer help me?

Because contracts are legally binding agreements, you may be able to take legal action, and retain damages for your losses. We may be able to assist you in retaining financial compensation or strategizing a way for the contract to be remedied by ensuring that the other party performs the duty outlined within the contract.