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In other of Earth Day, we are taking a look at what “going green” can mean for your business. Many business owners are reluctant to make their company more environmentally friendly, as they believe reducing their carbon footprint will end up costing them money. Here are just a few ways going green can be good for your business.

Reduce Waste and Save Money

Going green doesn’t have to mean making massive changes all at once. Simple, easy-to-implement steps such as turning off the lights when you’re not using a room or printing less copies can end up saving your business thousands. Educate your employees about green practices. When you have everyone on board, you can more easily track how your attempts to reduce waste save you money.

Better Reputation with Customers

If you go green, you’re likely to attract more customers and set yourself apart from competitors. Consumers prefer green businesses, with 66 percent of surveyed consumers saying they are even willing to pay more for products and services produced or offered by businesses with green policies in place. As more people become concerned about the environment, they are likely to align with businesses who share their concerns.

Jumpstart Creativity

When you have been in business for a while, it is easy to get caught up in a routine. After a while, any routine can seem tedious. That spark of excitement you felt at the beginning of each day starts to waver and dim. Finding ways to work more efficiently can get your problem-solving and creative juices flowing again. It sounds simple, but even small changes can motivate you to find new, creative ways to help your business evolve and grow.

Increased Value

Even if you’re not planning to sell your business, going green can enhance your business’s value. By reducing waste, you are likely to see an increase in profits. Similarly, you’re likely to build brand recognition and customer loyalty as people become aware of your commitment to sustainability.

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