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Sacramento, CA Real Estate Lawyer

An estate lawyer is a professional who has been trained in dealing with and passing on your wishes and assets to beneficiaries after you die. They also have skills in guiding you through planning for situations that involve you and the inability to take care of yourself for the rest of your life. An estate lawyer knows wills, trusts, and your local probate process. 

Real estate lawyers can possess other special skills like dealing with any real estate transaction. Whether that means buying or selling a property, a real estate lawyer could be a valuable resource to guide you through the process and to help with avoiding any costly mistakes while making one of the biggest decisions of your life.

You probably know that buying a home or selling a home isn’t simple. It’s a legal transfer of property from one entity to another, so there’s going to be a lot to take care of and to ensure those things are taken care of properly, which makes hiring a real estate lawyer an important step in the process. They will be able to represent buyers, sellers, or lenders. 

Hiring a real estate lawyer might even be required depending on the state that you live in and plan on purchasing property in. You may wish to hire a lawyer regardless of what state you live in to ensure that a professional is representing your interests exclusively. However, the involvement of a real estate lawyer varies from state to state and even within a state. For example, in California, the rules of needing a real estate lawyer differ from each county.

Here are some situations in which you might need to consider hiring a real estate lawyer:

Purchase Contract

Real estate agents are limited when it comes to filling out contract templates and will not draft them from scratch. That’s why it’s important to have a lawyer draft a contract for you, especially if your situation is a little more complex. A lawyer will also be able to give a legal review of the contract before anything is finalized. 

Closing On Home Sale or Purchase

There is a lot of paperwork involved with closing on a home or purchase and it’s going to involve dozens of pages of legal documents to review. A lawyer can assist a seller or buyer by guiding them through the paperwork and clarifying any intimidating or confusing information. 

Unique Situations That Require Advice and Negotiating

You might even find yourself in an unusual situation and will require assistance from a professional who is fluent in real estate laws. These situations could include:

  • Buying a home that is a special type of sale (estate sale, short sale, auction, or from a bank)
  • Purchasing a home in another state
  • Selling a home that’s involved in a divorce settlement
  • Selling a home that was owned by a family member and you’re in charge of their estate
  • Buying or selling property that has major issues like structural damage
  • You are involved in major financial issues and attempting to sell a property that has liens on it

That’s why consulting with a professional like a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA from a law firm like Yee Law Group, P.C. could help you with the process and understand more how a real estate lawyer could help you with your situation.

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