How Can You Afford a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

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After a motorcycle accident, if you’ve been injured and are struggling to get back to work, you’re probably also facing some serious medical bills. You’re stressed and worried about day-to-day expenses. Hiring a lawyer can seem out of the picture but accepting a low settlement offer may not solve your problems either. Here’s what to know about talking to a personal injury lawyer.

Consultations with Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Won’t Cost You Anything 

Most criminal lawyers and family law attorneys work by the hour. You could pay $250 and up per hour to have someone work on your divorce. Personal injury lawyers use a contingency fee. This means that they take on the risk of winning your case with no up-front fees. You can talk to a personal injury lawyer about your case to decide what the best steps are for you without worrying about paying them.

How Will Your Attorney Get Paid?

If the lawyer takes your case, you agree to give him or her a percentage of the settlement. Normally, this amount is from 33 to 40% of the settlement. If the lawyer settles your claim, they take their fee and pay for expenses out of the sum, then you receive the rest. If they don’t get a settlement in your case, then you don’t owe them a fee.

Can You Handle Your Settlement on Your Own? 

Obviously, you don’t have to have a lawyer on your side to negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company. Here are five reasons to retain legal counsel:

  • Studies show that claimants with attorneys generally receive larger settlements than those who try to do it alone.
  • Your lawyer takes the stress off you to let you focus on healing.
  • Motorcycle accidents have many elements that determine your settlement. You may not know all the factors that could affect your claim.
  • Your attorney can help you protect your rights.
  • The insurance company may try to minimize your injuries and damages. You need someone to fight for your side.

You Have Nothing to Lose by Talking to a Lawyer 

Spending 30 minutes talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer can give you peace of mind moving forward. That’s a small price to pay against wondering if you should have had legal counsel on your side. If the lawyer doesn’t take your case, it isn’t personal — it just means that they aren’t willing to take the financial risk based on the value of the case. This too is information that can help you settle with the insurance company. Make an appointment to discuss your case with a lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer from  Patterson Bray today.