How Can You Make the Probate Process Easier on Your Loved Ones?

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It is incredibly difficult to lose a loved one. Losing someone you care deeply about hurts and something that cannot be fixed. You need to make sure you make the transition without you easier on your loved one by planning ahead. By contacting a probate lawyer, like one from Holborn Law, you are doing your best to ensure a smooth process for your friends and family when you are gone. 

Choose How to Divide Your Assets

By speaking with an experienced lawyer, you are taking matters into your own hands and can decide where your assets will be distributed. You can ensure that each of your loved ones gets some special items for you and can determine who will get your finances and whether or not you want to split your assets between multiple people. A probate lawyer will go over all of your options with you and can even help you figure out how to donate some of your money to charity after your passing. 

Figure Out the Best Medical Power of Attorney

You need to have someone in place who can make medical decisions for you if you ever become incapacitated. You can have your wishes drafted with your attorney so that it is very clear what is to be done if you ever cannot make decisions for yourself. Your lawyer will know who is listed in your documents and how to make sure your wishes are carried out. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will always be respected and regarded at any stage in your life. 

Determine Who Will Be the Executor of Your Estate

You will also want to choose an executor to ensure your wishes in your will are carried out after your passing. This should be someone you trust, and sometimes is best to be someone who will not have a vested interest in your estate. This means, you may want to have a neutral party — which could even be your probate lawyer — as the executor. It all depends on your family dynamics and the people who are involved in your life.

Contact an Estate Planning Lawyer Today

You should reach out to an estate lawyer who is skilled in planning the probate process today. You can go over any questions you may have and make sure you and your loved ones will be prepared for your passing. It can be scary to take the first steps, but you will ultimately feel a sense of relief knowing that all of your business has been taken care of. Reach out to an experienced probate lawyer in your state to get started. You can set up an initial consultation to go over what you want and make sure you are working with someone you get along with. Do not hesitate, it is important to have things like this planned to make sure your loved ones are always taken care of. 

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