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As a family lawyer couples rely on will share, the divorce process is often full of trials and tribulations, where emotions often run high and developing agreements are essential. Deciding to divorce was likely not an easy decision to make, and amidst the grief of an ended relationship, there will be changes as they begin their new life. As our wills and trusts lawyers know well, this is a time when many decisions are being made not just about your future life plans with another partner but also about your assets. While there are several reasons a couple may choose to part ways, several key agreements must be made. Making these agreements can be incredibly difficult, especially when determining custody of children, support payments, and the division of assets. As a result, professionals from  Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC can share that there is a high probability that couples will disagree over at least some of the issues. Working with a lawyer can help navigate this challenging process by protecting their client’s interests and supporting them in accessing available options for reaching agreements.

Understanding Key Agreements Made During Divorce

It should be no surprise that when two people are dividing a life they once shared, several agreements must be made. Typically these agreements are made through divorce negotiations, and with the help of their lawyers, couples will need to work together to develop these agreements. The best way to begin is to take an inventory of all assets and consider potential parenting plans. A lawyer can assist their clients in negotiating a fair agreement. Several agreements will need to be reached, including:

  • Child Custody Agreements for
    • Physical Custody
    • Legal Custody
    • Visitation Schedules
    • Holiday Plans
    • +More
  • Child Support Agreements
  • Spousal Support Agreements
  • Financial Agreements for:
    • Division of Property
    • Financial Accounts
      • Bank Accounts
      • Savings Accounts
      • 401k Plans
      • Pensions
    • Debts
      • Student Loan Debt
      • Credit Card Debt
      • Loans
    • Taxes
  • Health Insurance Agreements
  • Business Settlements/Agreements (if applicable)
  • Property Agreements
    • Cars
    • Homes
    • Personal Belongings

Dividing a life that was once shared can become complicated. While some issues may be easy to form agreements around, others may be difficult to settle and even create additional conflict amongst the parties. There are several tools available for negotiating a divorce. In addition to negotiations with the representation of a lawyer, divorcing couples may also have access to mediation and arbitration.

When Agreements Can’t Be Reached

Reaching agreements during divorce can be complicated depending on the complexity of a couple’s situation. The time it takes to reach a divorce settlement can vary depending on the couple’s ability to form agreements. At times, there can be sticking points that neither party can agree on, which can draw out the process. When couples cannot reach agreements through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, they may need to turn to litigation. Litigation is when the judge reviews the case and will ultimately make decisions for them. While this may sometimes be the only answer, the process can prolong the divorce, cause further conflict, become costly, and more.

For those considering divorce, professionals will share that it may be beneficial to speak with a family lawyer to determine the best approach moving forward.