Personal Injury Accident Examples Explained

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A personal injury case may be filed when one person sustains an injury because of the purposeful act or negligence of another. Usually, personal injury cases get settled without going to court, but they can go to trial. The case may be handled through arbitration or mediation, which is a middle step between a settlement and trial where two parties can try to resolve the dispute at hand. There are a variety of types of personal injury cases, such as car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, wrongful death, truck accidents, and workplace accidents, among others.


Car Accidents
Auto accidents may happen for a multitude of reasons, such as from speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving, tailgating, road rage, and unsafe lane changes. As a personal injury lawyer from Disparti Law Group would offer, if you were injured in a car accident because of another driver, then you will have to prove that they were at-fault in order to get the most compensation out of your claim.


Slip and Fall

Property owners have to keep their property reasonably free of serious health risks and hazards. Someone who slips and falls on a public or private property may be owed compensation for their medical treatment and other losses. Slip and fall accidents can cause injuries such as fractures, severe sprains, broken bones, emotional trauma, broken hip, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury.


Medical Malpractice
Doctors who stray from providing a certain standard of care as expected in the medical community may face a lawsuit from a patient they harmed after an oversight or mistake. Examples of ways a doctor may commit medical malpractice are related to surgery, prescriptions, diagnosis, misreading lab results, lack of informed consent, and more.


Wrongful Death
If someone is reckless or negligent and it leads to the early death of someone, then the surviving family may come forward with a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the offender accountable and seek financial damages for what they have been through. Examples of damages that may be awarded to the family include pain and suffering of the deceased, medical bills prior to death, burial and funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of financial support, loss of consortium, and others.


Truck Accidents
Commercial truck drivers are bound by regulations and are not permitted to drive excess hours within a set period of time, and must take sufficient rest breaks so that they do not get fatigued behind the wheel. Due to how heavy and vast a commercial truck is, it is often the passenger vehicle involved in the collision that sustains the most injury and property damage.

Workplace Accidents
There are workers’ compensation programs available to employees who are injured on the job. But there are issues that can arise as someone’s claim is being handled, such as your employer may try to downplay the severity of your injuries, your employer may fail to properly submit your claim, your claim could be wrongfully denied, or the coverage does not compensate the entirety of what the employee needs to recover.