Property Lawyer – Sacramento

Property Lawyer - Sacramento

One of the most significant financial transactions that a person makes in their lifetime involves the sale and purchase of a home. Because of the all the legalities – and money – involved, anyone who is buying or selling a home should consult with a Sacramento, CA real estate lawyer from Yee Law Group who can guide them throughout the process. Your Sacramento property lawyer will make sure that your interests are protected as they help guide the transaction as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Whether you are purchasing a home or selling a home, at some point you will be asked by the real estate agent you are dealing with to sign a contract. No matter what side of the sale you are on, make sure you consult with a Sacramento property lawyer to make sure that the contract serves your best interest. Some of the issues the attorney will evaluate is how long the contract is in place and what type of commission the agent will earn. Your attorney can be with you from the initial offer of the home all the way to the day of closing, making sure you understand all of your rights, as well as what your obligations are.

If You Are the Buyer

When you decide to purchase a home, the first step is to determine what price range you are going to look in. Ideally, you will be pre-approved for a mortgage before you begin to seriously search. When you do find a property you are interested in, your real estate attorney will work with you and the real estate agent to negotiate a fair price, as well as determine what type of contingencies should be in place (i.e. being able to back out of the sale if you are unable to sell your current home). Your real estate attorney will also make sure that any legal issues that may come up during the process, such as issues that arise during title searches or home inspections are properly addressed. 

If You Are the Seller

A real estate attorney can also protect the interests of the seller. In addition to the above-mentioned issues, a real estate attorney can also prepare all the documents needed to complete the sale of the property.


In addition to residential real estate transactions, our firm can also assist property owners who lease to residential tenants. We can help draft lease agreements that will protect your rights as a landlord, as well as make sure that the lease adheres to all California rental laws.

Contact a Real Estate Law Attorney Today

If you are considering or involved in any type of real estate transaction, contact a Sacramento property lawyer today. No matter what you’re hoping to achieve, it is critical that you receive legal guidance concerned with protecting your interests. 

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