Real Asset Attorney Sacramento, CA

Real Asset Attorney Sacramento, CAReal Asset Attorney Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA real asset attorney will tell you that commercial real estate investments are one of the most profitable ways to build up your bank account. However, there is also a risk of great financial loss if the real estate process isn’t handled properly. For example, there is the risk of failed return on the investment, however, this can be alleviated if you have the most seasoned and skilled Sacramento, CA real asset attorney at Yee Law Group. 

There are certain obligations that a commercial property investor has in their role as landlord. An experienced real asset attorney in Sacramento, California will be able to explain what those obligations are and to ensure that they are in place. Some of these obligations include:

Federal and Local Laws

All landlords, both commercial and residential, are required to adhere to specific federal and local laws. For example, a landlord cannot discriminate against a potential tenant because of race, religion, or other reasons cited in federal and state discrimination laws. Landlords are also required to meet all building codes and zoning laws for the municipality and state the property is located in. If a property owner fails to meet all of these rules, they could face serious legal consequences and stiff penalties which may require the help of our Sacramento, California real asset attorney.


All contracts used by the commercial investment property landlord need to be clear and concise, otherwise there could be substantial legal issues because of potential ambiguity. Some of the legal issues that our Sacramento, CA real asset attorneys recommend including in contracts and leases between landlords and tenants are:

  • Details regarding when the lease takes effect and the date that it will end
  • Outline which party will be responsible for cleaning the property before the lease takes effect
  • Detail who will be responsible for any needed repairs and property needs
  • Information regarding how timely repairs should be responded to
  • Whether the tenant is able to make alterations to the property and outlining what alterations are considered a breach of lease

It is important for commercial property landlords only enter into leases and contracts that they are able to adhere to. This is why it is crucial to have a real estate lawyer serving Sacramento, CA representing your best interests.

It is also important for landlords to make sure the property is well-maintained and that any needed repairs are made quickly. Failure to fix what is needed not only affects the property value, but can also result in complaints to the municipal building inspector by the tenant and fines.

Keeping the property well maintained also protects landlords from potential premises liability lawsuits should someone become injured due to the failure to maintain or repair an issue. This also includes making sure the property is secure and safe from theft and vandalism.

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