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Can Real Property Lawyers Roseville, CA Trusts Help When Starting A Small Business?

Real Property Lawyers Roseville, CA Small Businesses Count on Can Help

Real Property Lawyers Roseville, CAYee Law Group, PC knows that small businesses are an integral part of the U.S. economy. Though it may seem odd, small businesses account for more American jobs than large business do. Between 2009 and 2013, nearly 60% of new jobs were a result of small business. Becoming an entrepreneur is hard work. Not only do you have a product that may require development, you also have marketing, managing, seling, and many other responsibilities. However, the most troubling part of starting a small business may be wondering whether or not you are in compliance with tax laws, zoning laws, employment laws, and so on.

So, how can a real property lawyer in Roseville, CA help a business? Real property lawyers may be useful in any transaction of real property. All property falls under two legal categories: real property and personal property. In a brief definition, personal property refers to anything that can be moved. However, it can also refer to intangible items. A business’ inventory, candles for example, are considered personal property. A recipe for the candles, though an intangible instructions, would also be considered personal property.

Real property differs from personal property in the sense that it applies to land; an object that cannot be readily moved. It also applies to certain aspects of the land. For example, if a barn is built on a land, that barn is considered real property, because it cannot be readily moved and is associated with the land. In general, the land’s resources will fall under the category of real property as well. Oil, minerals, and other resources are generally considered real property.

The Roseville, CA real property lawyers at Yee Law Group, PC may be able to help your small business negotiate a deal with real property that fits your company’s needs. Commercial leases can be difficult to navigate and are generally drafted to benefit the landlord. Real estate attorneys spend a large amount of time reviewing leases, surveys, and other contracts. The attorneys not only review documents, they draft documents as well. They may be able to assist in drafting a property title, or negotiating a property title if leasing is the direction your company wishes to pursue.

Many real estate transactions will also require work with opposing counsel. A real estate attorney may spend a large portion of their time meeting with the landlord’s attorneys in an attempt to properly document and close the deal. Consider speaking with a local real estate attorney if you are in the process of starting a small business. The real property lawyers Roseville, CA businesses trust at Yee Law Group, PC may provide help that could greatly benefit your real estate transaction.  Call the professionals at Yee Law Group, PC today and get the help you need to maximize your business!