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Managing your Wealth with A Top Estate Planning Lawyer Folsom, CA Families Trust

Top Estate Planning Lawyer Folsom, CA

Managing your life’s work and wealth can be a very complicated task if you are not a financial expert or your do not have the help of a top estate planning lawyer in Folsom, CA. You want to have the best information available if you are navigating a complicated set of laws and you want to make sure assets are being protected and preserved. At Yee Law Group, PC, we want to understand a client’s unique situation, family needs, financial goals and help manage those strategies. We can help coming up with long term or short term plans to make sure you have a clear understanding of the process and then help you execute. Our attorneys can help you with building a trust, a will or help you manage the probate process.

An experienced, top estate planning lawyer serving Folsom, CA can construct a portfolio that will contain your strategies that reflect your goals. We then counsel our client and educate them regarding their financial assets, what they own and what are the potential loss or increases that it can gain. We want to make sure that you can add value to your portfolio and have a risk-reward profile. We also offer ways to protect your portfolio while also allowing some flexibility to protect your assets. Our team at Yee Law Group, PC consist of attorneys and financial advisors that have many years of experience. Our goals is to make sure that your assets are being preserved, managed and meeting your financial goals. We can help you with:

Trusts, will, estate planning probate

Making sure your life’s legacy stays within your family is one of the most important things you’ll ever do to protect your wealth. Yee Law Group, PC believe in the value of family and ensuring that they are taken care for even when you are not here. We have Folsom, CA’s top estate planning lawyer who can help you determine your trust and who the administrator will be, they can help you draft a will and make sure that your financial assets are being properly managed after you are gone. We will also help set up an estate plan so your property is also well protected. We are also committed to help clients families during the probate process so they understand how to manage the wealth and deal with insurance policies and stocks and bonds you may have. This also catering to your individual situation and family makeup.

Portfolio Management

Yee Law Group, PC can counsel you on how to manage any stocks bonds or asset allocation. Based on a time framed strategic plan, our portfolio manager can help you develop a plan of investment. This plan will of course take into consideration your personal goals, risk tolerance and time table. Our experts utilize and in-house risk assessment that will determine where the smartest investment can be.

Financial Planning

We work with clients to manage their balance sheets and cash flow, we work to manage all of your investments and properties. We then outline a financial plan that suits your needs. We collaborate with analysts and accountants to counsel you through the process. We want to make sure that you can increase your wealth in a sustainable manner. Our lawyers at Yee Law Group, PC want to see you and your family excell financially and make sure that you are being smart about protecting your wealth and have a safety net.  We can also advise you on certain financial products such as life insurance.

Our biggest goal at Yee Law Group, PC is to ensure you and your family have the top estate planning lawyer Folsom, CA residents trust, as well as the tools to excel. Call us for a free consultation at 916-919-8839.

Tips for Reminding Yourself to Update Your Estate Plan

No one wants to consider a world that they are no longer a physical part of. However, a top estate planning lawyer in Folsom, California possesses the skill to help you face the significant legal tasks associated with planning for this inevitability. Perhaps one of the most significant challenges faced by many, is remembering to make the necessary updates to an existing estate plan over time. Although updating an estate plan may seem relatively unimportant, it’s actually key to ensuring your loved ones have a clear and updated plan to refer to and that your wishes remain enforceable and respected. Failing to work with a top Folsom, CA estate planning lawyer to update your estate plan whenever doing so is necessary and/or appropriate can result in familial strife and decisions being made that do not fully reflect your wishes.

It’s not unusual for our clients to express concern regarding how they will remember to keep their estate plan up to date. Our team at Yee Law Group, PC is happy to do what we can to make sure your estate plan remains up to date throughout the years. Here are some tips to help you begin this process:

Consider a Yearly Review

Although you really don’t have to update your estate plan yearly, it may be a good idea to at least review your plan annually. Reviewing your estate plan each year can give you the opportunity to look over your estate plan and consider the past year of your life. Have you experienced any significant changes? If the answer is yes, chances are you should consult with a top Folsom, CA estate planning lawyer in order to determine whether you should update your estate plan at this time. Making this a routine task that you do each year may be a helpful way of staying up to date on your estate plan. Some may choose to do this at each birthday, while others, may review their estate plans at the new year. Whatever you choose, reviewing your plan on a yearly basis can be a solid way of ensuring your plan stays updated.

Know What Actions May Trigger a Need to Alter Your Plan

Not everyone is aware of the changes that could occur that should prompt them to update their estate plan. Having a clear picture of what changes warrant the need for an updated estate plan, can help to ensure that it happens. Signs or situations that may require an updated estate plan include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death of Beneficiaries
  • Birth or Adoption
  • Change in familial relationships
  • Guardianship changes, should the person you appointed no longer have the ability to care for your children
  • Reflect any changes to financial situations, such as an inheritance, better job, increase in assets

With an outdated will, you stand to leave your loved ones in a serious lurch. Not only may they be left to pick up the pieces, they may also be faced to contend with an estate plan that does not clearly outline what you would have wanted. Help your loved ones by updating your estate plan with the assistance of a top Folsom, CA estate planning lawyer whenever it becomes important to do so.  

We Can Help

Not only can we help you create a well executed estate plan, we can also prompt you to update your plan at key times. Don’t put off the creation and modification of these vital documents before it’s too late. An estate plan that has not been updated may actually fail to outline your final wishes clearly. As a result, your family stands to wade through a mess in the event of your passing. The process doesn’t have to be a cumbersome as one may think. In fact, once you have already put an estate plan in place, making small updates over time is virtually painless.

Estate plans aren’t just documents to be filed away and forgotten. They are living, breathing documents. We can help assure that your plan is ever changing and updated so that your loved ones have a clear idea of your wishes after you pass. Contact a a top Folsom, CA estate planning lawyer today so that we can begin to assist you.


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