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Business Succession Lawyer in Roseville, CAThe Importance of Consulting with a Trust Attorney

If you would like to speak with a trust attorney Sacramento, CA offers, contact us at the Yee Law Group. When it comes to estate planning, you have several options, including various types of trusts. It can be confusing for people who are unfamiliar with the many options. Our experienced trust attorneys may provide you with the knowledge you need in order to make an informed decision.

A respected Sacramento trust attorney from Yee Law Group may review your case at no charge. With a recommendation on how to proceed, you can be confident about whether or not establishing a trust is right for you.

The Value of Establishing a Trust

Without a trust, your wishes for the distribution of your estate might not be followed. A trust attorney in Sacramento, CA from Yee Law Group may work with you to protect your legacy. With a trust, you may reap the benefits of knowing:

  • Your beneficiaries may gain access to your assets faster than if they are transferred to them through a will.
  • Most trusts avoid probate, which not only saves time but also court fees.
  • If you choose to create an irrevocable trust, less taxes may be owed after your passing.
  • Without a trust or will, your property will likely go to your spouse or closest heirs. If that is not your wish, you can designate who should receive your assets.
  • A trust ensures that the state will not be able to choose on your behalf who should be the legal guardian of your minor children. A trust attorney Sacramento, CA parents choose in similar circumstances may specify in your trust exactly who should be responsible to care for your children in the event you pass away.
  • If you become incapacitated in such a way that you are unable to care for your children, a trust may legally specify who should care for them until, or unless, you are eventually able to resume that responsibility.
  • If you become incapacitated in such a way that you are unable to make major financial decisions, a trust could legally specify how your assets should be handled and who can take charge of them.
  • When you choose a trust attorney Sacramento, CA residents recommend from the Yee Law Group, you may specify if your assets should be portioned out over time and in what amounts to your heirs.
  • A trust attorney Sacramento, CA community members turn to for help with important estate planning services can advise you on how to maximize tax savings for your distribution of assets.

We Offer a Free Consultation

To find out more about how we may help you, contact us to schedule a free consultation. One of our trust attorneys can review your case and may offer guidance on how you may wish to move forward with establishing a trust. Contact the Yee Law Group at 916-927-9001 when you need a respected trust attorney Sacramento, CA can provide.

Common Types of Trust Litigation

While it would be ideal for the distribution of an estate plan to always run smoothly, our Sacramento, CA trust attorneys will tell you it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes relatives aren’t happy with what’s in the trust and may try to challenge it in court. In some cases, working with the Yee Law Group can help to mitigate issues that may arise. Here are some of the most common types of trust litigation:

Disinheriting Children

Parents can choose to disinherit their children from their estate plan for a number of reasons. Maybe they believe one child is well off enough and doesn’t need an inheritance. Or maybe they had a falling out with their child years ago and no longer speak to them. Our Sacramento, CA trust attorneys have seen children who get disinherited feel as though they are being treated unjustly and try to challenge the trust in court.

Mental Incapacity

In order for a trust to be valid in court, the person who creates it must be of sound mind. If it’s determined that the trustee was mentally incapacitated, the trust could be challenged in court.

Undue Influence

A trust can also go through litigation if it’s discovered that the creator was coerced by another person to make changes to their trust. A Sacramento, CA trust attorney shares that undue influence is more common among the elderly population. Seniors may be more vulnerable to suggestions from their relatives and other people they trust. For example, if an elderly person gave their entire estate to their caretaker, but had great relationships with his or her children and grandchildren, there may be a red flag.


If a trustee has unpaid debts after he or she dies, the debts must be paid before beneficiaries receive anything. If the estate is distributed before paying off creditors, they have a right to file a claim in court to get their money.


A Sacramento, CA trust attorney will tell you that a trust can also go through litigation if it’s believed that there was some kind of fraud involved. For example, if beneficiaries believe that the signature in the trust was forged, they can challenge the document in court.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

The trustee of a trust has to follow certain fiduciary duties. If this person fails to follow these duties, the beneficiaries may challenge the descendant’s estate.

Avoiding Trust Litigation

There are many types of litigation that our Sacramento, CA trust attorneys have experienced. You don’t want your heirs to deal with that kind of frustration. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult with an experienced Sacramento, California trust attorney. He or she can look over your trust and check for errors.

At the Yee Law Group, we know how complex trusts can be. We have helped many people establish valid trusts and are here to assist you. Contact our Sacramento, CA trust attorney today for a free consultation.

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