Trust Fund Lawyer Roseville, CA

Trust Fund Lawyer Roseville, CATrust Fund Lawyer Roseville, CA

Executing a trust is a very important estate planning decision, and one that comes with many considerations. If you are a trustee, or trust fund recipient, and would like to ensure everything is properly taken care of, please call a trust fund lawyer Roseville, CA knows and respects. 

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Once a trust has been established, it must be overseen by a trustee. It is not uncommon for the trustee to be the same person who the trust was established for. If this is true, they will be known as a successor trustee. A trustee will have many responsibilities, with the primary ones being to manage all assets within the trust, as well as the distribution of the assets. 

As a trust fund lawyer in Roseville, CA might explain to you, the trustee must act in good faith at all times, and according to the wishes of the grantor (person who established the trust). A trust attorney Roseville, CA offers will need to draft the document to ensure all legal details are included. 

The Process of Administering the Trust

If you are a named trustee, you might not feel ready to administer the trust immediately after the grantor’s death. You should know that it is generally not necessary to get started right away. Although you shouldn’t wait too long, as the trustee, you can usually take a month or so to heal and grieve. 

As a leading Roseville, CA trust fund lawyer, we regularly help trustees to administer their estates. Although it isn’t required to hire a trust lawyer, it is common because an experienced attorney can save you a copious amount of time, frustration, and money. 

It should be understood that you don’t have to choose a lawyer prior to administering the estate. In the beginning of the trust administration process, you will need to gather information, file tax returns, transfer property and assets, and more. Whether you want a trust fund lawyer in Roseville, California to help you out is completely up to you. 

The Duties of a Trustee

  • Trustees have many duties throughout the course of their administration. These include:
  • Obtaining certified copies of the death certificate (usually a minimum of 10)
  • Read all documents within, and related to, the trust
  • Understand the terms of the trust
  • Notify the descendants and heirs
  • Locate all trust assets
  • Get the deeds of any properties in the trust
  • Locate the assets held outside of the trust (these are subject to probate)
  • Get a tax ID number for the trust
  • Pay taxes for the decedent (if applicable
  • File fiduciary terms for the trust
  • Provide the beneficiaries with the fiduciary accounting details

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Estate law is complex, and so too is managing or administering a trust. If you feel overwhelmed or confused with the process, give our firm a call. 

Our trust fund lawyers in Roseville, CA offer reliable advice to grantors, trustees, and beneficiaries of a trust. To learn more, call Yee Law Group Inc..