Wealth Transfer Lawyer Folsom, CA

Wealth Transfer Lawyer Folsom, CA 

Wealth Transfer Lawyer Folsom, CA When your assets range from $5-$50+ million, it is time to consider the help of a wealth management law firm like Yee Law Group. Working together, our team will get to know what goals you might have for your wealth, family, and future. With this in mind, we can begin to guide you through a broad range of Folsom, CA wealth management services.

Understanding Wealth Management

Wealth management is an intricate service that combines financial, investment, and business advice as well as estate planning, retirement, real estate, accounting, and law altogether. Most wealth management law firms have a team of accountants, lawyers, analysts, advisors, and other professionals working together to culminate ideas and develop strategies for clients. In general, a wealth transfer lawyer is most ideal for anyone who has assets valued at $5 million or more.

What Yee Law Group Offers

As a wealth management law firm, Yee Law Group handles a broad spectrum of related services including, but not limited to:

Investment Advice

Wealth transfer lawyers from Yee Law Group can offer highly personalized advisory services. These allow you to discuss your finances, investments, and other related topics. You can also begin to develop a custom financial plan that helps to manage your wealth now and into the future.

Wealth and Estate Planning

It is important that you consider your future generations sooner rather than later. Our wealth management specialists will sit down with you to discuss potential tax strategies, Roth conversions, and additional techniques that will allow you to transfer and preserve your wealth for your future generations to come.

Trust Services

Our comprehensive trust services can help to alleviate trust management needs off of you and your loved ones. This could include appointing us as a wealth transfer lawyer to your trust, allowing us to manage your investments, serving as a corporate trustee or successor trustee, and more. Rest assured, we will always keep the goals of your trust in mind.

Tax Strategies

If you want to minimize tax burdens, we can discuss minimum tax planning opportunities, asset allocation, and other viable solutions that suit your personal needs.

What Yee Law Group Can Do For You

When you decide to work with Yee Law Group, you will benefit from things like:

  • Annual portfolio reviews
  • Personal support from our wealth management team
  • Guidance on financial planning
  • Access to, and coordination with, various financial specialists and outside advisors
  • Help with planning tools
  • Custom strategies and a comprehensive wealth plan
  • A personal investment manager

What You Can Expect When You Choose Yee Law Group

As your wealth transfer lawyer in Folsom, CA, we are able to serve as a personal contact for information, advice, or requests. We can also coordinate the efforts of other professionals and team members to ensure you get the attention you rightfully deserve. Our ambition is to commit to the development of a long-term relationship with you. This, in turn, will allow us to:

  • Understand your unique objectives and goals
  • Create, develop, and customize a plan that is focused and well disciplined
  • Make adjustments to your wealth management plan as your assets grow and new objectives evolve

We proudly go above and beyond for all of our wealth management clients. If you would like to know more about our wealth management solutions, please call a wealth transfer lawyer Folsom, CA clients recommend from Yee Law Group today.



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“Michael Yee has been extremely professional in helping me navigate through various legal matters regarding housing laws over the years. He has always been easy to get ahold of, very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, straight forward, and ultimately an important advocate for me. His prices are always fair, and there are never any hidden surprises or fees. Michael Yee knows how to get the job done. I cannot recommend him enough.”
Jordan K
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