What Do Estate Planning Lawyers Do? 

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Estate planning lawyers help people plan for the future in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. If a family member dies without proper estate planning, their assets may be procedurally and legally taken by public institutions, such as the government or hospitals, rather than going to those who care about the most.

Yee Law Group Inc. is a law firm located in Sacramento that deals with estate planning matters. Our Sacramento estate planning lawyers are experienced with helping people with the proper estate planning documents and can offer advice on how to avoid common mistakes that could hinder your loved ones from accessing your assets after your death.

Different types of estate plans.

There are several types of estate plans, and each is designed to accomplish a different purpose. The type of plan you choose will depend on your desires, goals, assets and family circumstances.

Treatment of minor children. 

This type of plan designates who will be appointed guardians for the children. It also covers issues such as whether the guardian will receive the inheritance directly or have it managed by a custodian until the child reaches an age stipulated in the document. This kind of plan may also include provisions for financial support for the children if they are disabled or otherwise unable to earn income.

Management of surviving spouse’s assets.

This type of plan designates a financial manager to handle your spouse’s assets if she survives you but is unable to manage them herself due to disability or other circumstances. This person is referred to as a conservator, and his or her primary responsibility is to see that your spouse’s remaining assets are used effectively after your death.

Protection of business interests.

If you own a business or hold stock in a corporation, you probably want certain individuals to take over ownership after your death so that they can continue operations with minimal disruption. These individuals are called executors, and their job description includes liquidating any assets that remain after your debts have been paid

Why Hire Yee Law Group Inc. as Your Estate Planning Lawyer 

Hiring Yee Law Group Inc. as your Winters Sacramento estate planning lawyer can help you to avoid the stress and confusion that often accompanies dealing with the death of a loved one. No one wants the thought of planning for their own death but leaving everything unsettled for your partners and loved ones at such a challenging time can be worse. A well-planned estate can reduce inheritance tax, protect the property of your loved ones from creditors, and more.

At Yee Law Group Inc. , our Sacramento estate planning lawyer is dedicated to helping families create comprehensive estate plans. We work with you to document your wishes, establish an appropriate power of attorney, and provide for private property should the unexpected happen to you.

Call us now so we can help you. Our process is straightforward and there is no cost to meet with an attorney for a consultation about your estate plan.