Writing a Demand Letter After a Trucking Accident

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When victims of trucking accidents have suffered damages, it’s likely in your best interest to seek the support and counsel of a trucking accident lawyer to sort out how you will pursue your case. Trucking accident lawyers provide their clients with peace of mind so that they are able to focus on recovering from the extensive injuries they may be facing. Much of the time, trucking accident lawyers will recommend that you start with pursuing an accident claim with the insurance company to obtain compensation for your losses. Damages from severe accidents can include: 

  • Property Damage
  • Medical Expenses
  • Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Lost Wages

Once you have spoken with a lawyer, one of the first steps towards initiating the accident claim is by drafting a demand letter. There are a number of key elements that must be included, working with a trucking accident lawyer can help in making sure that nothing is left out. 

The Demand Letter
A demand letter is an essential component to the insurance claims process. A well crafted demand letter can be pivotal in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to for your losses. Laying out the circumstances of the accident and the impact it has had on you can help to kick off the claims process. Before negotiations with the insurance company begin you will work closely with your lawyer by gathering evidence and details in support of your case to draft an effective demand letter. 

Elements to Include
The average person has probably never had to draft a demand letter before. Because of this, you may be unsure of what should even be included within the document. The following are some essential elements that your trucking accident lawyer will help you to include within the demand letter:

  • The details surrounding the trucking accident within the document
  • Any defensive strategies used in your attempts to avoid the accident
  • The police report and witness statements
  • Provide supporting evidence that proves fault in the accident
  • Include all details of medical treatment, such as injuries, treatments, pain. This should also account for dates of treatments and names of providers
  • All medical expenses
  • Proof of lost wages
  • Outline a clear monetary demand that is complete with a breakdown of all damages

The demand letter provides a snapshot of the case that can assist your trucking accident lawyer throughout the process. As a victim, you have the right to damages for the great impact the trucking accident has on you. Working with a trucking accident lawyer when drafting a demand letter can provide essential to reaching a resolution in your favor.  

A Trucking Accident Lawyer Can Help
It’s important to keep in mind that it may be in your best interest to initiate the process of obtaining compensation for your losses by starting with an insurance claim. Lawsuits can be costly and time-consuming, because of this, the insurance company and liable party will be motivated to settle your case outside of the courtroom. Be aware that an experienced trucking accident lawyer can play a key role in initiating the process with a demand letter that is effective. They will work closely with you to ensure that you obtain the compensation you deserve. Additionally, a trucking accident lawyer can also simultaneously work to prepare your case for litigation should it be in your best interest. 

The demand letter is a key component to pursuing compensation for losses after a trucking accident. As a victim who is in the process of recovering from injuries, it can be difficult to value your case on your own. Pursuing the process yourself can put you at risk of not asking for the compensation you deserve or accepting an offer that is well undervalued.

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