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Conservatorship Lawyer Folsom, CAConservatorship Lawyer Folsom, CA

The Rights and Responsibilities of Conservatorship

Guardianship or Conservatorship is often appointed by a court and is given to an adult who is not the parent of a child, as a conservatorship lawyer Folsom, CA trusts can attest. In some cases a guardian or conservator might also care for a disabled adult. The rights and responsibilities of a conservator may vary by state, but generally include the following. If you would like to learn more about conservator, please call Yee Law Group, today.

Rights of a Guardian or Conservator

The Place to Live – As a legal conservator of a child, you have the right to choose where he or she will live. If you wish to move out of the state, you will need to notify the court and be granted permission to do so.

Schooling – You will have the right to decide where the child will get an education; for example private or public school. As a conservator you should be actively involved in their schooling and ensure the child is getting adequate grades.

Healthcare – The legal conservator of a child is able to make decisions about medical and dental needs. This also includes counseling or mental health. If you are seeking to place the child in a mental health facility, you will likely need to get an order from the court. A conservatorship lawyer in Folsom, CA can explain this to you during a consultation.

Driver’s License – As a guardian you have the choice as to whether or not the child can apply for a driver’s license.

Military – If the child is under the age of 18 and wishes to join the military upon their 18th birthday, you will legally be required to give him or her permission to do so. Once the child enlists in the military, the guardianship may end.

Responsibilities of a Guardian or Conservator

Damages – If the child causes damages to another property, you are responsible. Likewise the guardian is responsible to any intentional acts caused by the child.

Residence – As a guardian of a child, you may not allow  him or her to stay or live with their parents or anyone else unless the judge grants permission to do so. This may not apply to short periods of time, like a weekend visit, but this should be clarified by a Folsom, CA guardianship lawyer or judge.

Visiting Parents – The legal guardian of a child has the right to decide how often and when the parents can visit. If visitation is thought to endanger the child, physically or mentally, the guardian may be able to deny it all together.

These rights and responsibilities do not apply to a guardian of an estate, accounting of estate funds, or a guardian of an adult disabled person.

Yee Law Group: A Conservatorship Lawyer in Folsom, CA You Can Trust

Understanding the rights and responsibilities of a guardian can be difficult, especially if you have never been given the role until now. The guardianship lawyers at Yee Law Group have been practicing family law for many years. Guided by experience, determination, and dedication we confidently navigate cases of every type. If you would like to consult with a trusted conservatorship lawyer Folsom, CA today.

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