Five Reasons to Have an Elder Law Attorney Write Your Will

Five Reasons to Have an Elder Law Attorney Write Your WillThe greatest gift you can leave your family is a clearly written plan for the distribution of your estate. In creating a last will and testament, your family will be protected and cared for in a time of grief and sadness. Each Sacramento elder law attorney of Yee Law Group Inc. is experienced and ready to assist you during this emotional and sensitive process. In contacting us, you will know that you are creating a thorough and valid legal document that will ensure your wishes are honored.

Guidance on how to be fair

It can be quite difficult to decide how to distribute your assets. Especially in larger families, that feeling of determining what is fair can feel like a burden. An elder law attorney is a neutral party with whom you can discuss your thoughts and apprehensions. It is our priority to assist you in creating a will that reflects your concern for your family members.

Make modifications to an existing will

It is not uncommon for things to change in life and many of these changes should be reflected in your will. It is important to ensure that the changes are accurate and that the will is still valid after any modifications.

Act as executor

An elder law attorney in Sacramento CA may act as executor of your will should you need one. In creating the will with your California attorney, they will be familiar with the document and the beneficiaries. In having one of our attorneys also act as executor, there is an inherent sense of comfort that things will be handled exactly as you intend.

Defend your wishes should there be a challenge to the will

Unfortunately, there are some instances where a family member or creditor will feel a right to contest the will. An elder law attorney is experienced in all aspects of will proceedings and probate court. Our attorneys will know how to avoid the possibility of anyone trying to contest the will. If someone should challenge the will despite our best efforts, our team will know how to proceed in as quick and proficient a manner as possible.

Assist in other estate planning documents

In addition to handling the creating and execution of last will and testament documents, your elder law attorney is experienced with other aspects of estate planning. Our team is proficient in the many types of trusts available and can guide you on which might best suit your needs as well as what to expect with the process. In addition, our attorneys are able to assist you with questions regarding assets, debts, life insurance, retirement accounts and any other aspects of your estate that you are unclear.

When it comes to taking care of your family, you can count on Yee Law Group to ensure your wishes are honored. Our team of attorneys are tactful and sensitive, yet knowledgeable and determined. Our firm has developed a reputation that reflects integrity and dedication to our clients and their families. Contact us today and set up a consultation with an elder law attorney Sacramento CA clients recommend.