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Global Experience for Sophisticated Asset Protection Strategies

Protecting all that you have worked so hard for can be a complicated task. Minimizing tax liabilities and shielding your wealth and assets from creditors in an effective way requires a thorough understanding of an ever-changing web of laws and regulations. Yee Law Group Inc. founder Dr. Kent Meyer has a multidisciplinary background that includes estate, business, and tax planning, allowing us to offer advice and counsel that takes into consideration a wide range of legal, financial, and practical issues which impact the effectiveness of an asset protection program.  Dr. Meyer’s extensive global experience allows him to develop sophisticated international asset protection plans that cross borders while covering all bases. We work closely with our clients to survey their assets, identify areas of potential exposure, and formulate goals. We explore all possibilities both domestically and internationally and proceed to implement the strategy that best serves each client’s own unique situation and objectives. Our comprehensive asset protection services include:

International Asset Protection

Some individuals and businesses can legitimately benefit from the use of offshore asset protection strategies in the form of:
  • Foreign private bank accounts
  • Foreign trusts
  • Foreign annuities
  • Foreign business entity formation and operations
Our firm will assist you in determining whether any of these strategies would be of benefit in your particular situation.

Domestic Asset Protection

Our firm can also assist you in the utilization of numerous tools and structures that can effectively protect your wealth, including:
  • Dynasty Trusts
  • Total Return Trusts
  • Asset Transfer Strategies

Yee Law Group Inc.: Sacramento/Roseville Asset Protection Attorneys

At Yee Law Group Inc., we will work closely with you to develop asset protection strategies that will protect your interests, your family, and your life’s work. If you have questions or require guidance as to how best to protect your hard-earned wealth, we provide responsive, accessible, and plain-spoken counsel. Please give us a call at (916) 599-7297 to discuss your issues and concerns. We look forward to the privilege of being your attorneys.

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