Elder Law

Guidance and Peace of Mind for Seniors and Their Families

The issues and challenges we face as we enter our golden years are unique and touch upon the most fundamental aspects of our lives. Our health, our finances, our family, our ability to enjoy retirement; all of these things require thoughtfulness and planning. For seniors and their families looking for the answers and guidance they need to provide much-needed peace of mind, Yee Law Group Inc. is there.

Protecting What Matters Through Proactive Planning

As we age, it becomes even more important to prepare and plan for the future. Financially, you want to be on strong footing to get the care you need. Careful planning can allow you to qualify for that care without losing all your assets in the process.

At Yee Law Group Inc., PC, we can help you put the right solutions in place. Our attorneys have strong backgrounds not only in elder law and estate planning, but also in business and taxation. This means we can help you:

  • Medi-Cal planning
  • Prepare for Medi-Cal eligibility
  • Develop asset protection strategies, Medi-Cal Asset Protection Trusts (MAPT)
  • Minimize your tax burden through the use of trusts or other legal tools
  • Make sure that your property goes to your loved ones, not to the state
  • Plan for the succession of your business
  • Evaluate nursing home contracts
  • Special Needs trust
  • Powers of attorney
  • All other elder law matters

Yee Law Group Inc.: Sacramento and Roseville Elder Law Attorneys

ec-memberlogoWhether you’re a senior seeking guidance on long-term care planning or a family member seeking to help an aging loved one, you’ve come to the right place. We will look at the big picture to tailor an approach that fits your family’s needs. Our goal is to help you enjoy life to the fullest while ensuring that your needs are met and wishes fulfilled. Please give us a call at (916) 599-7297 to discuss your issues and concerns. We look forward to the privilege of being your attorneys.

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