Tax Lawyer or Accountant: What’s the Difference?

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More Then Crunching Numbers and Filing Returns

When it comes to seeking professional assistance with filing tax returns or dealing with tax-related issues, it is understandable that many individuals and businesses would reach out to an accountant for help. Those same folks may also wonder why they would need or want a tax attorney in lieu of or in addition to their accountant, especially when they think doing so will cost them more money.

In some situations, however, consulting with a tax attorney can save you a lot more in both money and frustration over the long run. Among the top reasons to hire a tax attorney rather than an accountant include:

  • Comprehensive Tax Strategies. Tax laws are complex, and developing the best strategies to minimize liabilities and maximize asset protection requires a thorough understanding of the Internal Revenue Code. It takes a tax lawyer who knows the Code, including all its nuances and complexities, to maximize the deductions available for your business or personal needs. Otherwise, you could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A single mistake, or failure to take other matters or aspects of the Code into consideration, could mean significant tax liability down the road.
  • The Attorney-Client Privilege. Things you say in confidence can come back to haunt you if those words can be revealed by someone else if they’re served with a subpoena or even if they’re just asked a question. Lawyers offer one big advantage over accountants: the attorney-client privilege. This refers to statements and communications you make to your lawyer, and it means that your tax lawyer doesn’t have to reveal your statements and communications to the IRS (or anyone else), even if they are subpoenaed.
  • Dealing With the IRS in Tax Disputes. Taking on, communicating, or negotiating with the IRS is something you do not want to do alone, and something you shouldn’t do without the counsel of an attorney who has the judgment and experience to effectively challenge their claims or reach a positive settlement. From audits to offers in compromise, it’s in your best interest to contact a tax attorney as soon as possible.

Yee Law Group Inc.: Sacramento Tax Attorneys

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