What to Expect From Your Bankruptcy Lawyer 

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What to Expect From Your Bankruptcy Lawyer 

When you think of bankruptcy there are often a number of negative images that come to mind. People tend to forget the real purpose behind filing which is to provide protection from creditors and offer relief from some or maybe even all that obligations when things get overwhelming.

That is exactly where a bankruptcy lawyer comes into play. They are there to protect your assets from debt collectors all while finding a way to free from financial responsibilities but are often too overwhelming. While it is possible for you to do the filing for bankruptcy on your own the chances are that you will be much happier if you have a lawyer on your side.

What You Should Expect 

Like most legal matters, bankruptcy is a process, and often the safest route to go with is to have a lawyer on your team. A good bankruptcy lawyer will give you peace of mind as they provide these things:

  • An initial consultation which is usually free to get an overview of your case
  • Advice on options available which include what type of bankruptcy to file
  • Completed paperwork necessary for filing bankruptcy
  • Providing representation when the case goes to court

In many cases, the bankruptcy process begins with a 30 to 60-minute interview between you and your lawyer. If you’re married then both of you need to attend the interview so that all questions can be answered honestly and accurately. From there, your lawyer will be able to layout your options including the potential to file bankruptcy without a spouse.

It is never a good idea to make guesses about how much you owe and to who you owe it. Your lawyer will write up the paperwork that backs up your answers on how many assets you have and how much you owe. It’s important to not hold anything back if you want an honest and accurate assessment of your situation.

After your lawyer has enough documentation to evaluate your case they will offer you advice on how to proceed. Any good lawyer will not always recommend filing for bankruptcy if it is possible your problem could be resolved through less drastic means like debt settlement or even at that management program.

If bankruptcy is the best option then you should expect your lawyer to help fill out the paperwork with the court. In many cases, your lawyer will be able to do all the heavy lifting by helping provide thorough and complete schedules along with backup documentation in case anything were to happen.

We understand that bankruptcy is a stressful time. It is why we recommend working with a bankruptcy lawyer, like Carolyn Secor, P.A., to help you see your case and make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible so you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible.