Folsom Lawyer for Wills

Why do you need a Folsom lawyer for wills?

Folsom Lawyer for WillsMany people are under the assumption that they can write their own will. Others will try to use an online form or template to create their will. But there are many nuances surrounding the drafting and execution of wills. Do you want to leave such an important document to chance when your family is counting on you?  To protect your family, you should consider contacting a Folsom lawyer for wills.

The will could be invalid

By no fault of your own, your will could be invalid and this means you no longer have a will. You may even never be aware and your heirs are left to clean up the mess.

You’re not aware of the details involved with drafting and executing a will. And why should you? That’s why it’s so important to visit a trusted estate planning attorney like those at Yee Law Group, PC. We are the right Folsom lawyer to prepare wills and can guide you and make sure no mistakes are made that would invalidate your will.

Estate planning is unique to you

Using an online service is great for things that are uniform. But when it comes to such personal and unique actions like creating a will, an online form cannot offer much guidance.

Creating a will is not a one size fits all situation. These online forms are kept as simple and general as possible so they cover as many people as possible. Is that what you want in a will?

Your will is going to be different than your cousin across the country, different than neighbors, and in some ways, even different than your spouse’s will. A generic will won’t do you any good.

Despite seeming simple, a will is actually a complex document, even if not lengthy. The complexity comes in with the structure of the document. Is it properly laid out according to state law? Are there two disinterested witnesses? Has the notary sworn the testator?

All of these items could cause issues for the validity of a will, which is why you should contact a  Folsom lawyer for wills, who will have the experience and expertise to do the job right. Even some lawyers fail to adhere to strict will execution practices which then creates great headache and cost for their clients down the road.

Do I really need a lawyer to draft a will?

Would you treat your own cavity? Would you replace your own transmission? If you wouldn’t do those things, then why would you create your own will? The estate planning attorneys of Yee Law Group, PC have been creating wills for clients for years. We routinely attend continuing legal education courses that allow us to keep up to date on changing estate planning and associated tax laws. We do this all to benefit our clients – people like you.

It’s important to make sure you’re not only comfortable with the attorney you choose to draft your will but also that your attorney is qualified to do so. When you meet with us, we will take as much time as is necessary to ensure your have all of your questions answered and are comfortable before we move forward.

Yee Law Group, PC will ensure your will is drafted according to state law. Contact a Folsom lawyer for wills today to start putting your concerns to rest!

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“Just had our living trust done with yee law group. Mike yee and his team made the whole process so easy. Highly recommend!”
Kelly Dun
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