5 Reasons To Write A Living Will

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It’s uncomfortable for many people to think about their death, especially when they’re still young, according to a living will lawyer from our friends at Law Group of Iowa can. However, life can be unpredictable, forcing us into situations like being on life support. When it comes to a living will, such a document may seem unnecessary until you find your health declining once you reach a certain age. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and a single moment can alter things. While uncomfortable to think about for many, here are five reasons why it makes sense to write a living will, no matter your age.

  1. It Lets You Communicate Your Wishes 

A living will help you in the unfortunate event you cannot properly communicate. Whether you’re in a coma, suffering from the irreversible effects of a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, etc., a living will help you communicate your wishes. For example, in the case of being on life support, you can choose if you want to continue receiving treatment or not. In addition, if an incident or illness leaves you mentally or physically incapacitated, you can request another party handle your estate or assets if you’re unable to yourself.

  1. You Can Exercise Your Medical Freedom 

Without instructions from a living will, doctors and healthcare facilities will focus on trying to save or preserve your life. Many healthcare professionals may see it as a personal or moral obligation. However, individuals may have different thoughts and beliefs regarding safeguarding life. Many people are on life support, especially if the outlook doesn’t look good.

  1. It Can Quell Arguments Between Family Members 

Family members are likely to have arguments about whether or not a loved one should be left on life support. Especially when an incident is still fresh, this can cause a lot of contention and frustration between family members. While writing about how you want things to be handled in your living will may not completely quell troubled waters, it will still go a long way. Additionally, it can help your family members avoid litigation due to contention.

  1. It Can Prevent Your Family Members from Needing to Deal With Huge Medical Bills 

Being in a coma or vegetative can cause your family members to raise substantial medical bills. Doctors can use past injuries and similar cases to “interpret” whether or not a person will become responsive again and when. However, these interpretations aren’t always accurate, and many patients can be in a coma for years with no discernible end in sight. In addition, many don’t want their families dealing with medical bills that can quickly leave them bankrupt.

  1. Gives You Peace of Mind 

A living will can also give you peace of mind should a tragic event happen. You’ll most likely be fine and won’t need a living will. However, knowing you have one can help you sigh with relief because you’ll know that your wishes will be fulfilled and your family will be protected. To write that will, you may need assistance from an attorney.