Business Succession Lawyer Roseville, CA

Business Succession Lawyer Roseville, CAbusiness sucession lawyer Roseville, CA

The Importance of a Business Succession Lawyer

If you have a business or business interests that you’ve worked hard to build, it is important to talk to a business succession lawyer Roseville, CA trust in the interest of protecting the viability of your business after you are no longer actively running your company. Whether you are in the position of considering that it may be time to step down and enjoy retirement, or are far from this but want your family and business to continue to thrive in the untimely event you become incapacitated or pass away, having a good Roseville, CA business succession lawyer on your side is an important part of ensuring that your and your family’s needs are met.

The sooner you find a reputable business succession lawyer in Roseville, CA you are comfortable working with, the sooner you may be able to gain peace of mind knowing that the future of your business will be in good hands when it is time to pass it on.

If you are in the position of wanting to protect the future health of your business and of your family’s financial stability, contact the dedicated team at Yee Law Group today. The sooner you enlist the help of a trustworthy Roseville, CA business succession lawyer, the sooner they may be able to start protecting your businesses’ future health.

Have a Business Succession Plan

Having a business succession plan in place well in advance of when you are planning to transfer your business, can make this easier and more profitable for you and others involved. It does not matter whether you are planning to transfer your business to family members, business partners, to the business itself, or to an outside party, having a successful succession plan from already in place and the help of a reputable business succession lawyer in Roseville, CA, can facilitate doing this smoothly and efficiently when the time is right.

Work on Goals with Your Business Succession Lawyer

Having a successful business succession plan in place may be able to help you to achieve some of the following common goals:

– Reduce or eliminate estate taxes

– Determine key roles and who will fulfill these in order to successfully run the business


– Protect heirs who will not be actively involved in the business

– Avoid probate

– Protect your assets by structuring your business so it suits your interests

– Facilitate the transfer of your interests to family members who will be involved in its


– Prevent a family member’s interests being sold to a non-family member

– To be able to seamlessly restructure responsibilities in the event that a corporate

 officer, partner, CEO or other top level management, retires, leaves the organization or

 passes away

– Ensure the company has enough money allocated to transfer costs and taxes

– Have mechanisms in place to resolve internal disputes and disagreements over

 business operations

If you are looking for a highly rated business succession lawyer Roseville, CA, contact the dedicated team at Yee Law Group for a consultation to see if our services are especially well-suited to you, your company, and your estate’s needs.

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