Can I Challenge a Will or Estate Plan in Court?

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What do Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, John Denver, Prince, Heath Ledger, Martin Luther King Jr. and Howard Hughes have in common? Certainly, each has contributed to American culture in profound ways. But they also share the distinction of having passed away without first drafting an enforceable will. When a loved one dies without articulating explicit desires related to the care of his or her estate, the resulting aftermath can be chaotic. And even if a loved one has created an estate plan, if he or she dies without having updating that plan over time, it may not reflect accurate estate-related wishes at the time of his or her death.

The law does have procedures in place which allow judges to pass along property from the estate of a deceased individual to his or her descendants and others protected under the law. But not all estates are ultimately handled in a straightforward manner. Numerous factors may impact the process of probate, which is why judges are empowered to evaluate important information and claims brought forward by those who may be invested in the outcome of how an individual’s estate is ultimately processed.

If you have an interest in a loved one’s estate and believe that the estate is not being handled properly, you may be able to bring a claim in court. You may be able to enforce your inheritance rights, insist that your loved one’s property be handled in a specific way or stand in opposition to another individual’s legal claim. Please consider connecting with our firm so that we may advise you of your available options. Once we learn about your situation, we will be able to answer any questions you have about the law, probate claims and/or our approach to representation.

It is generally a good idea to reach out to an estate planning and probate attorney as soon as you suspect that something is not right with the way a loved one’s estate is being handled. Legal options tend to become more limited over time, as the law generally only allows estate-related challenges to be filed for a certain length of time following the death of an individual.

It is also worth noting that not everyone has legal standing to challenge the contents of a will/estate plan in court. However, if you are invested in a loved one’s estate and believe that you may be entitled to inheritance rights and/or a say in how that loved one’s estate is processed, it is best to seek legal guidance before determining that you should or should not move forward with legal action.

Estate Planning and Probate Assistance Is Available

If you have concerns regarding the estate of a loved one, please consider reaching out to our firm today. We have extensive experience related to the processes of estate planning and probate and we would be happy to speak with you about your situation.

Legal options in estate-related cases are not always straightforward. However, ensuring that a loved one’s wishes are properly respected and enforced is a noble goal and a goal that the law ultimately aims to achieve when possible. Once we learn about the details of your unique circumstances, we will be best placed to guide you as you make informed decisions about your situation. Regardless of whether you ultimately choose to take legal action, we are here to help in whatever way we can.