Contingency Probate Attorney Roseville, CA

Contingency Probate Attorney Roseville, CA Contingency Probate Attorney Roseville, CA

As a contingency probate attorney in Roseville, CA, we regularly receive calls from people who want to know whether or not our firm takes cases on contingency. Contingency is a special fee agreement between a lawyer and a client, and states how the lawyer will be paid. In general, the lawyer agrees to litigate a case, and will only be paid if the court sides with the client. 

For clients, contingency can be beneficial as there is very little risk in the event the dispute is not successful. The benefit to the Roseville, CA contingency probate lawyer is that if the case is successful, they will be paid a portion of the recovery. In addition to this, hard costs incurred by the client must also be paid. 

When it comes to contingency for probate and estate related matters, a law firm will evaluate the case in detail before the offer is made. In general, the estate must involve significant assets or property that is being disputed. The percentage agreement varies, but the average amount is 30 to 45 percent of the client’s recovery. If the case goes to an appeals court, the fee will likely be on the higher side. This is to compensate our hard working probate lawyer Roseville, CA trusts for all the time and additional legal fees incurred. 

When Will a Lawyer take on a Probate Contingency Case

The majority of firms that litigate probate cases will charge clients by the hour. Although we cannot say whether or not we will accept your probate case for contingency without a consultation, we can tell you that most disputes must result in damages greater than $500,000. We will also like to see facts that support the case. 

It is certainly possible for there to exist an issue with limited facts; thus the original position does not support a contingency fee arrangement. However, the strength of a case might improve after a contingency probate attorney in Roseville, California investigates the situation. For example, during the Discovery phase, our firm might uncover strong supporting evidence that proves your case. If this occurs, we might then arrange for contingency. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that what is available for your case will depend on the circumstances and factors. You are advised to call our firm to explore your options in further detail. 

Reasons to Dispute an Estate

There are a number of reasons to dispute an estate, some example include:

  • A child was disinherited from a will or trust
  • The will or trust may be invalid because of undue influence
  • There are multiple wills 
  • A personal representative or trustee violated the terms of the estate 
  • Assets have gone missing

If you believe you have a probate issue that is suited to litigation, call our firm today. As a contingency probate attorney in Roseville, CA we will work with you to understand the fee arrangement that enables you to assert your rights. To learn more, call Yee Law Group Inc..