4 Key Elements Your Will Requires To Protect You

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Probate Lawyer Yolo County, CA

Probate Lawyer Yolo County, CA

It can be confusing to plan for your death, but it doesn’t have to be. You can gather a list of your property and possessions and let everyone know how you want everything handled. However, as a probate lawyer for Yolo County, CA from a firm like Yee Law Group Inc. can explain, sometimes the grief that comes with death can cause individuals to act irrationally as they cling to personal possessions or desperately take more than their share.

Instead of letting your family and friends fight over your estate, you should create a will to legally establish how you want everything handled when you die. To demystify the process of creating a will, you should include these four components.

1. Choose an Executor

When you name an executor, you appoint someone to stand in your place and follow the specific directives you have listed in your will. Although you may choose a family member, it is generally best to appoint someone competent from well outside the inheritance circle. Remember to ask them before assigning them the legal responsibility.

2. Care for Dependents

If you have children or pets, you will need to stipulate who they will live with after your death, and how money will be distributed to care for them. Have a meeting with the family members, ex-spouse, or friend you would like to designate as their guardian and ask them if they are up to the responsibility. This is especially important if your children are young or your pet is old, as either requires special care or attention.

3. Consider the Assets

In legal terms, your possessions are called “personal assets.” This would include your car, furniture, jewelry, and antiques. Your will needs to describe each item and name who the beneficiary will be, and the description should be detailed enough to differentiate the items. Do the same for your property. For those items you don’t care about passing on to someone, you can leave distribution up to your executor.

4. Personal Type Care

If you have any health care directives, you need to declare them in your will. This could be a detailed description of where you want to live, a living will, or a health care proxy. This is essential if your family members have strong opinions regarding how you should be taken care of and by whom.

A Will Lawyer

Contact an estate attorney or will lawyer to begin the process of creating a document that contains your final wishes. They can assist you in planning the distribution of your money, property, and possession. Your lawyer can also make sure the will is accurate and thorough.