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Getting your affairs in order is an important component in making sure that your loved ones are cared for when you are gone, and it is often the reason why individuals contact a will lawyer Sacramento CA has to offer. Although this process may seem very daunting, elderly people often state that it provides peace of mind simply knowing that their affairs are organized.

At Yee Law Group Inc., PC, our clients know that they can turn to us when they need a top will lawyer Sacramento CA residents rely on. We have years of experience providing legal counsel to individuals and their families who wish to organize their financial and personal assets while there is still time.

  • Name a beneficiary for all relevant retirement, investment, and/or pension accounts. Naming a financial power of attorney might also be a wise decision if you would like someone to handle these accounts for you. Some types of retirement and pension plans may be passed on to remaining relatives or spouses, although state laws might restrict when and how this may happen. Talking with a will lawyer in Sacramento CA may be helpful for figuring out how state laws could impact these accounts.
  • Make sure that someone has access to your online accounts. Having access to online accounts is likely very important for financial matters. It’s common for individuals to use the internet to access credit card bills, automatic payment plans, and investment information. Although it may be possible for a living relative to obtain a deceased relative’s username and password for these accounts, it will likely require a lengthy court proceeding. Giving this information to a trusted friend or relative may be the solution to avoiding a court case.
  • Write an “ethical will” to pass along any important statements to loved ones. Traditional wills allow you to name individuals who will receive your property and financial assets after you pass. An “ethical will” is a place where you can explain any final decisions (e.g., charitable contributions of remaining assets), reach out to estranged relatives or friends, or record important cultural and family values for future generations. While this type of will is not legally binding, it may be a valuable element to include with a traditional will.
  • Create a last will and testament. This document is legally binding when done correctly. It is a way of ensuring that your property will be dispersed as you see fit. As an experienced will lawyer Sacramento CA can provide might attest, a will might also limit family quarrels over inheritance or property ownership.

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It may be very stressful and time-consuming to get your affairs in order, especially because small mistakes could potentially cause a great deal of confusion and hassle later on. At Yee Law Group Inc., PC, we know how important it is for our clients to work with a skilled Sacramento CA will lawyer on various types of financial matters.

Our legal team encourages any prospective clients to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our lawyers to determine which strategies could help ensure stability in the future. For more information about our law firm, or to schedule a meeting with a top will lawyer Sacramento CA trusts, contact Yee Law Group Inc., PC at (916) 599-7297.