The Importance of Having an Estate Plan

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The process of estate planning is not one that most people find particularly exciting. While you may be enthused about the prospect of protecting your family from unnecessary stress and expense after you’re gone, it’s often a fairly dry and tedious document preparation exercise.

Estate planning is very important to most people, but it can be stressful dealing with the legal system. At Yee Law Group Inc. , you get a knowledgeable and responsive estate planning lawyer Sacramento CA who cares about you and your family more than anything else.

Why is estate planning so important?

Estate planning is an essential part of every adult’s life. While you may not think about it much, estate planning is a process that helps ensure that your money and property is distributed according to your wishes. 

Here are some important reasons why estate planning is so important:

1) Avoiding probate.

Probate is the court-supervised process for transferring property after a person dies. It can be costly and time-consuming. If you have a valid will, you can avoid probate by naming an executor to transfer your assets directly from your estate to your beneficiaries. You may also choose to establish a trust to hold assets for your family upon your death.

2) Avoid conflict among heirs.

When there is no will or trust in place, loved ones may argue about how to distribute their parent’s property. This can be emotionally difficult and time-consuming for everyone involved.

3) Allowing survivors to move on with their lives.

When a loved one dies without a will, the courts must decide who receives what assets. This might not be what the deceased would have wanted, so the surviving family will have to wait until the estate is settled before they are able to move forward with their own lives.

4) Protecting against Medicaid eligibility changes and nursing home costs increases.

In California, Medicaid rules change frequently and nursing homes cost thousands of dollars each month – more than some families can afford.

Finding a Lawyer You Can Trust

Yee Law Group Inc. is a law firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of our clients. Our law practice is focused on providing advice and representation in estate planning, probate, trust and guardianship areas.

We take pride in our ability to recognize the importance of these issues and our efforts to achieve positive results for our clients. To this end, we provide you with superior value at competitive rates. We work hard to understand your goals and objectives so we can develop solutions that meet your needs while protecting your assets. Our goal is simple: be a trusted advisor that can help you plan for your future as efficiently as possible so you can live out your life free from worry about unnecessary legal matters.

You can rely on our experienced estate planning lawyers for:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Living wills
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Power of attorney
  • Powers of attorney for property management and health care
  • Special needs trusts
  • Guardianship and conservatorships

Protect your family and be able to sleep at night knowing you have a trust, will, and power of attorney customized to your needs. Call now to schedule your free consultation.