Understanding the Timeline for a Settlement Claim After a Car Accident

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Auto Accident Lawyer

The wreck is over. Your nerves have had time to calm, and now you wish to move past this traumatic event and recover some of your losses. It all sounds so reasonable and straightforward, but you may spend another six months to two years or more seeking a settlement or verdict, depending on the severity of your injuries and the enormity of your claim. Insurance companies do not share in your trauma or financial struggle, and unfortunately, in most states, regulatory bodies do not force these institutions to adhere to any strict response timeline. Therefore, to make seeking a settlement as streamlined as possible, have a proper personal injury attorney and a collection of documentation and evidence supporting your claim, which all takes time.

Car Accident Report

To prove you were not at fault for the collision, you will need the official accident report. However, you will probably have to wait anywhere between two weeks and two months to get it, depending on the filing method – digital, paper or private/personal. After the initial waiting period is over, you can travel to the local DMV and request a company of the report, likely requiring a small fee.

Medical Records and Bills

The crucial thing when compiling your medical bills and records to make a claim is to ensure that they are complete, or as complete as possible. Therefore, wait to file a claim until your medical team declares your treatment complete or you are at maximum medical improvement. The timeline for medical recovery varies from requiring nothing to lifelong care, making it challenging to stipulate an appropriate timeframe. You should consult with your physician and a lawyer to help you determine the right time to compile this information.

Other Bills and Damages

Before filing a claim, collect all related bills and paperwork outside of medical expenses. For example, the costs related to repairing your car, the time you couldn’t work, or any other expenditures you made to aid in your recovery, like psychotherapy. A lawyer will help you decide on relevant items before filing. Again, because of the uniqueness of each claim, it is impossible to set a specific timeframe for the collection of other materials.

Demand Package Response

After compiling the relevant information, you and your attorney will send the insurer a demand package. Unfortunately, as stated previously, most states do not require insurance companies to respond, meaning it is up to your attorney and their law firm to pressure the insurance company and keep your case at the forefront.

While a quick settlement is an understandable desire, actual offers take time. The best thing you can do to move that time along is hire a competent auto accident lawyer in Memphis, TN and ensure you get the medical care you need.

Thanks to Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC for their insight into personal injury claims and the timeline for a settlement claim after a car accident.