Elder Abuse Law Firm Sacramento CA

Elder Abuse Law Firm Sacramento CA

Elder Abuse Law Firm Sacramento CAIf you are concerned that your elderly loved one has become the victim of abuse at their nursing home, you should contact an elder abuse law firm Sacramento, CA has to offer from Yee Law Group Inc.. Far too many nursing homes in the United States have been shown to be negligent or even abusive when caring for their residents. If and when family members discover that their elderly loved one is being mistreated and harmed, extensive damage may already have been done. It’s not uncommon for abusive staff members to hide their actions and abuse which can make it difficult for loved ones to intervene immediately in all cases. When abuse or neglect is suspected, it’s important to remove the elder from the environment. It can also be beneficial to talk with an elder law attorney Sacramento, CA trusts who has years of experience handling cases that involve this area of the law.

Signs of Elder Abuse While in the Care of a Nursing Home

Our Sacramento, CA elder abuse law firm is all too familiar with the signs of elder abuse, whether the abuser is a staff member, fellow resident, visitor, or a member of the elder’s own family. And there are several types of abuse that the elder may suffer at the hands of another person. Common forms of abuse are financial, sexual, physical, and emotional. Neglect is another form of abuse. All are serious; all are unacceptable. The perpetrator, or perpetrators, should be held accountable for their behavior. Whether or not the appropriate law enforcement agency decides to file criminal charges, the family of the elder can pursue a civil claim. With the help of our Sacramento, California elder abuse law firm, the family can file a damage claim with the facility and if necessary, follow it up with a lawsuit. A settlement can ease the elder’s financial burden and make it possible to afford alternative care options. Here are some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse:

  • Emotional withdrawal or pulling away from loved ones. This may be due to shame, embarrassment, or a very human reaction to abuse. The elder may also be concerned about worrying that their family members or they may mistakenly believe the family does not care about them.
  • One or more bedsores. When an elder has limited mobility, it may be necessary for nursing home staff to turn them while in bed so that no area of their body is subject to having weight on it long enough to develop a bed sore. Bed sores are painful and subject to developing a life-threatening infection if left untreated. They will significantly worsen if the elder is not treated for it and turned in their bed on a regular basis.
  •  A noticeable change in behavior. An elder who is being abused or neglected may react by becoming withdrawn, angry, sullen, anxious, depressed, or a combination of these behaviors.
  • The elder makes unexpected or odd changes to their will or to whom they give the power of attorney. If the elder is being deceived, manipulated, or controlled by someone (and that someone may be another relative, a nursing home staff member, roommate, or a visitor) then they may grant that person power of attorney or designate them as an heir to their estate. They may be tricked into doing this or they may be pressured or threatened if they do not comply.

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